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Japan creates disaster-proof mobile networks
If ever there is a country who knows that much about technology—leading the consumer electronics industry and leaving the rest of the world in awe and begging for more—it is the land of the rising sun, Japan. Japan’s top telecommunications companies are planning to strengthen their mobile networks against the perils and threats of the environment. We all know that Japan is highly prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters. […]

Brain waves used to make disturbing music
While natural disasters can’t be helped, nobody likes to be reminded of them especially when they claim the lives of thousands of people. However, a Japanese artist named Masaki Batoh has decided to turn this negative experience into something creative instead. Using a modified EEG machine and headgear sensor, he has been able to utilize the help of last year’s Japan Earthquake survivors to create a new type of music […]

Google Person Finder locates people in Turkey now
A moment of silence for those who succumbed to the earthquake in Turkey – and at press time, the death toll stands at 200 plus and will most definitely rise in the coming days if efforts to rescue trapped people under all the rubble and carnage are not expedited. Nice to know that Internet search giant Google has just launched their Person Finder service in Turkish so that those living […]

Toshiba limited edition OLED lamp not for sale
Toshiba has come up with a special OLED lamp designed for emergencies like the quake-stricken areas of Japan. Powered by four AAA batteries or a rechargeable pack that can be changed by solar or USB, it produces 53 lumens of light at 100% and can last two hours on the AAA batteries, twenty if you lower the brightness, and even more is you use the battery pack. Here is where […]


Grasshopper Manufacture to release iPhone game for charity called Frog Minutes
Grasshopper Manufacture, the game development studio behind titles such as Flower, Sun, and Rain; Killer7, and No More Heroes, will be releasing their first game designed for iOS in the near future. Called Frog Minutes, all proceeds of the game will go towards helping Japan get back up on its feet after the recent tsunami and earthquakes earlier this month. Besides the title and logo of the game, no other […]

Nokia to experience delay no thanks to Japan earthquake
The earthquake in Japan has clearly moved more than just earth and displaced lives, it has disrupted the world like never before due to globalization and an unprecedented triple whammy of a tsunami and nuclear fallout risk altogether. This has affected many of those in the computing industry, and even Nokia is no exempt as the Finnish company announced that it expects some disruptions to its supply of new cell […]

iRobots to go where no humans can go in Japan
iRobot, the robot manufacturer from Bedford, Massachusetts; is sending out a team of four robots into Japan today to help deal with the nuclear crisis that’s currently affecting the country due to the earthquake and tsunami events that took place last week. The team that consists of PackBots and Warrior robots have been designed to work in such situations and will be controlled by the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces […]

iPad 2 and iPhone 4 could suffer from shortages
We know that the iPad 2’s launch in Japan will be delayed due to the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters, and with news of Toshiba closing down their LCD plant for a month and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical.also doing the same to one of their factories might just see the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 suffer from shortages. After all, it is widely believed that Mitsubishi is Apple’s main supplier of […]

Toshiba to shut down LCD assembly line in Japan for a month
Toshiba has announced that they will be closing down their LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) assembly line for a month at the very least, and this has resulted in PC manufacturer Lenovo voicing their concerns that they are suffering from a parts shortage. Toshiba is also joined by Hitachi during a similar time period, and it is most likely that such a disruption to might result in a global supply shortage […]

Limited edition Nintendo DS up for auction to raise funds for the Red Cross
If there’s one thing great about the gaming community, it’s their ability to raise funds for limited edition memorabilia. And when in times of need, it can only be a good thing. Game Informer’s Meagan Marie has recently put up a limited edition Mario Kart version of the Nintendo DS signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, Charles Martinet, Eiji Aonuma and Martin Leung. She’s decided to auction off the rare […]

Be careful of fake Japan relief websites
The Internet Crime Complaint Center has just issued an alert to users, warning them about fraudulent Japan relief websites that have been sprouting up all over the internet ever since the terrible earthquake and tsunami last week. Heartless fraudsters have setup more than 1.7 million malware pages, 419 scam sites and 50+ fake domains with “Japan tsunami” or “Japan earthquake” in their URLs. These fake sites have been used to […]

Google Person Finder for 2011 Japan Earthquake
In light of yesterday and today’s earthquakes in Japan, Google has launched a new version of its Person Finder service to help people locate friends and family who have been caught in the natural disasters. The website is basically a directory and message board for people to post that they are looking for loved ones or to post notes to let people know that they are safe. First used in […]