Red CrossThe Internet Crime Complaint Center has just issued an alert to users, warning them about fraudulent Japan relief websites that have been sprouting up all over the internet ever since the terrible earthquake and tsunami last week. Heartless fraudsters have setup more than 1.7 million malware pages, 419 scam sites and 50+ fake domains with “Japan tsunami” or “Japan earthquake” in their URLs. These fake sites have been used to spread malware, rip money off the donators, and use the hits to generate traffic on totally unrelated websites. Be careful if you’re planning to donate money to relief funds via the internet. Make sure you’re not visiting a fake site and donate at reputable and trusted organizations i.e. the Red Cross if you intend to see your money put to good use. Not to mention, you won’t run the risk of being infected with malware on your computer or being scammed out of your dollars.

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