Camera Store Shows How The Solar Eclipse Destroyed Camera Equipment

LensRentals is a camera store based in Tennessee. It rented out quite a few lenses before the recent solar eclipse. However, it warned customers that they should ensure that solar filters were used by trying to photograph the eclipse. Some did, some didn’t. Those who didn’t use a solar filter ended up damaging the rented gear. LensRentals posted a series of images on its official blog showing just how the […]

LG Eclipse LS970 spotted at the FCC with Sprint’s radios on board

Back in June, we reported that according to a rumor, the LG Eclipse LS970 could be seeing a launch on both AT&T and Sprint in October. Unfortunately until today, the phone remains somewhat of a mystery and its release date is still unclear. However thanks to a recent FCC filing, it has been revealed that the phone will be sporting Sprint’s CDMA, EVDO and LTE bands, alongside other connectivity options […]

LG Eclipse point to possible October 31 release on AT&T and Sprint

The LG Eclipse, otherwise known as the LG LS970 if you are a sucker for model numbers, is said to roll out this coming October 31st on AT&T as well as Sprint. Just what kind of hardware specifications does the LG Eclipse hold? For starters, we do know that this will house a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor which is accompanied by an Adreno 320 GPU, coupled with 2GB RAM […]

Eclipse DECT phone looks stunning

Sebastien Sauvage is the designer behind the Eclipse DECT phone, where the moment you lay your eyes on it, it does resemble a piece of decorative art. Of course, upon realization that this is a gadget, that does not mean you are able to use it right away as there is still a certain degree of learning curve for you to study. Sleekly produced, this is actually a regular phone […]


Sony Eclipse concept draws power from the sun, lives up to namesake

Watching a full solar eclipse is something that rarely happens in a lifetime, and this concept draws inspiration from such a situation. Designer Hoang Nguyen has come up with a new portable media player known as the “Sony Eclipse” which will integrate photovoltaic cells to harness solar energy as it fills itself up with renewable energy. All media can be synchronized through Bluetooth connectivity if you’re knee deep in the […]

Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless Litetouch keyboard

[CES 2010] Everyone knows that touch-sensitivity is the in thing these days when it comes to consumer electronics, and it is no wonder that CES is held in Vegas with plenty of touching, nay, caressing going on as well at the simultaneously held AVN at the Sands Expo. Well, coming back to CES, we have the Eclipse Wireless Litetouch keyboard that boasts a special three-in-one LCD touchpad which allows you […]