LensRentals is a camera store based in Tennessee. It rented out quite a few lenses before the recent solar eclipse. However, it warned customers that they should ensure that solar filters were used by trying to photograph the eclipse. Some did, some didn’t. Those who didn’t use a solar filter ended up damaging the rented gear. LensRentals posted a series of images on its official blog showing just how the eclipse damaged camera equipment.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this solar eclipse. It reached totality throughout a large portion of the country. It was also the first solar eclipse passing through the continental United States since 1979.

Naturally, a lot of people wanted to capture this natural event that happens only once in decades. Amid the excitement, people were warned about taking adequate protection as the eclipse can easily damage eyes, lens, and cameras.

“Things happen, and that’s why we have a repair department,” writes LensRentals on its official blog, as it showcases the camera equipment that was damaged by the solar eclipse. The most common problem it encountered after the eclipse was the sensors being destroyed by the heat. The images clearly show the burn damage on the sensor itself.

They also received one camera with a damaged mirror box caused by the sun. The lens iris being destroyed by the heat was also one of the most common problems that they saw after the eclipse.

The company mentions that it was surprised by the fast that fewer than expected pieces of equipment were returned damaged. This means that the majority of its customer base took adequate precaution while capturing the eclipse and that’s something that LensRentals is very happy about.

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