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Google Field Trip Helps iOS Users Learn More About Their World
It’s undeniable Google has been making an absolute killing with its suite of iOS apps. Google’s Maps, Search, Gmail and YouTube apps are probably all considered must-have applications if you’re an iOS user and it looks like their once Android-exclusive Field Trip may just be another hit for the iOS community.Google describes Field Trip as a “guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you” that […]

PBS Kids app uses augmented reality to teach your children math
Kids these days seem to have access to a variety of learning tools that make our educational toys back in the day seem downright boring and prehistoric. PBS Kids has recently launched another educational app for children entitled “Fetch! Lunch Rush”, and the interesting thing about this app is that it utilizes augmented reality to help educate your kids.

Apple iMac targets education sector, goes for under $1,000 mark
Apple knows how important it is to deliver quality education to the next generation of minds in the country, starting with the first batch of Apple IIs being sent to libraries located all over the nation, and ever since then, there has been contributions made to the educational sector – although time and its entrophying quality has caused that to result in a bunch of aged machines whose time is […]

Vinci tablet for toddlers now up for pre-order
We’re not sure why exactly parents would want to buy a tablet for their toddler, but if you have $389 to spare then perhaps Rullingnet’s Vinci tablet which made its debut in January could be a tablet worth considering for your child.


LeapFrog LeapPad pre-sale units sold out in two weeks
Remember the LeapPad educational tablet designed for kids? Who would’ve thought it would sell like hot cakes? Well LeapFrog Enterprises, the company behind the LeapPad tablet has just announced that the LeapPad that became available for pre-sale at major retail websites on June 29th has officially been sold out. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these nifty tablets, you would have to wait until late August […]

Kno tablet is no more
Remember the Kno tablet that was supposed to be shipped out to pre-order customers by this month? Well, it’s uncertain if anybody even got their hands on one, as we’re having a hard time finding news of it online, but in any case – don’t expect them to arrive anytime soon. All hopes of getting the dual-screen educational tablet have been offically dashed. Kno Inc, the creator of the tablet […]

Genius’ Kids Designer Tablet brings out the artist in your child
Want to bring out the inner artist in your child or are you just tired of your kids making a mess when the draw on your table cloth and magazines around the house? Genius has come up with the perfect solution to this problem. Called the Kids Designer Tablet, this tablet is meant to introduce your kids aged 3-8 to the world of tablet computing. The tablet comes with software […]

Asus Planning EeeBot Educational Robot
Word is going around the Asus is planning to come up with an educational robot for kids, dubbed the EeeBot, along with software and services as part of several technology projects sponsored by the Taiwanese government. They’re aiming to come up with an affordable robot that is able to interact with children, and the project will focus on building content and services around the robot to subsidize the cost of […]