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Edward Snowden Email Provider Lavabit Rises From The Ashes
Lavabit is an encrypted email provider that was preferred by Edward Snowden, the man who blew the whistle on the USA’s electronic spying programs. The service was shut down back in 2013 when company chief Ladar Levison decided not to accept the government demand for handing over the SSL encryption key. Lavabit is now back from the dead to provide secure email service once again.

Edward Snowden Presidential Pardon Campaign Launched
Edward Snowden will forever be remembered as the man who leaked top secret government files which reveal the true extent of the National Security Agency’s electronic spying operations. He flew to Hong Kong before the first tranche of documents were leaked in an extensive report and later went to Russia where he has been for over a year. Reports based on documents provided by him kept being published while many back home in […]

Snowden Designs iPhone Case To Warn If Your Phone Is Spying On You
Edward Snowden shot to global popularity after leaking top secret documents which revealed the extent of the National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs. He has been pretty vocal about how electronic devices can be used to spy on unsuspecting users and often offers tips on how people can protect themselves. He has now designed a new iPhone case which will alert users if their phone is spying on them.

Documents Show Snowden Tried To Raise Concerns About Spying With NSA
Several documents have been obtained by Vice News through the Freedom of Information Act which reveal that whistleblower Edward Snowden tried to take up his concerns against the government’s spying programs with the National Security Agency before ultimately deciding to hand over top-secret documents to journalists. These documents contradict earlier claims by federal agencies that Snowden never went through the proper channels to have his concerns addressed.


How To Make Your Phone Spy-Proof With Edward Snowden
If you’ve read the news at any point over the last couple of years then you might have heard of Edward Snowden. He’s a former contractor who worked for the CIA, he leaked thousands of documents that revealed the extent of the National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs. He’s regularly seen endorsing services that provide users with a secure communications platform but if really want to dial your security up […]

Snowden Isn't A Fan Of Google's New Allo Messaging App
During its keynote at the Google I/O 2016 developers conference, Google announced a couple of new messaging applications one of which is called Allo. It walked us through most of the app’s features during the keynote and they really are quite impressive. Google touted the messaging app’s safety and security features as well but apparently it wasn’t able to convince Edward Snowden, the man who showed us the true extent […]

Snowden-Approved Secure Chat App Arrives On Android
For someone who has a vast knowledge of the electronic spying capabilities and programs of the National Security Agency and its partners you’d think that an endorsement from Edward Snowden will carry much weight particularly with those who have become extra cautious about their online security following the revelations made by Snowden. Signal is a secure encrypted chat app that Edward Snowden, by his own admission, uses every day. Six […]

EU Parliament Wants Charges Against Edward Snowden Dropped
The European Parliament today called on its member states to drop criminal charges against Edward Snowden, the former contractor who leaked a ton of top secret documents that revealed just how vast the electronic spying programs of the National Security Agency are. The whistleblower went to Hong Kong prior to leaking the first trove of documents and for the past year or so has been living in Russia as he […]

Top Secret Documents Detailing U.S. Drone Program Leaked
More than two years back former CIA contractor Edward Snowden leaked a treasure trove of top secret documents that detailed the electronic spying programs of the National Security Agency. The massive leaks changed the way we view online privacy today and while the discussion still continues about whether or not these programs should be allowed to continue, there has been another leak of top secret documents possibly at the same […]

White House Finally Responds To Pardon Petition For Edward Snowden
Over two years back Edward Snowden made some startling revelations about the electronic spying programs of the National Security Agency. He leaked a treasure trove of documents from the agency which showed the absolute power that the NSA had with regards to electronic surveillance and since then he has periodically leaked more documents to highlight the agency’s programs. He obviously had to leave the United States before setting on this path […]

NYC Officials Remove Edward Snowden Statue Installed In Brooklyn Park
To some Edward Snowden is considered a hero as there are those who feel that he has exposed activities of the government that some feel are illegal and unconstitutional. However there are those who also feel strongly about what he has done and believe that he is in the wrong, going so far as to call him a traitor.That being said, those who appreciate his efforts have actually created a […]

GCHQ Intercepted Emails Of Journalists From Major Media Organizations
The GCHQ and its role in gathering signals intelligence came to light following the document leaks by Edward Snowden. GCHQ is basically the NSA’s counterpart in the United Kingdom and in some reports the agencies are said to have a close relationship. A latest report from The Guardian, based on new documents leaked by Snowden, claims that the GCHQ intercepted emails from journalists belong to some of the biggest media organizations […]

NSA Had Trouble Breaking Into These Encryption Tools
Edward Snowden is now globally known as the man who blew the whistle on U.S. National Security Agency’s spying programs. He leaked a treasure trove of top secret documents detailing vast spying plans over the past year and he’s not stopping now. Der Spiegel has a new report up, backed by documents provided by Snowden, which reveal some of the encryption tools that proved a bit too much for the […]

Folks At The NSA Probably Saw Your Nudes
There’s always a risk involved when sending compromising photos to someone, you can’t really stop them from posting those pictures online, and then that’s a completely different kind of nightmare. But what about people who can see those pictures without you ever knowing? As we all know courtesy of Edward Snowden’s leaks the National Security Agency is running massive electronic spying programs which include capturing of data sent over email, apps […]

NSA Collecting Faces From Millions Of Web Images For Facial Recognition
Much has been said and written about the NSA’s electronic spying operations. Since the first leaks last year Edward Snowden, the man behind it all, has continued to leak highly classified documents shedding light on the top secret programs. The latest from Snowden reveals that millions of faces are being collected from web images by the agency which it intends to use for facial recognition. Some of the programs previously seen […]

NSA Secret Facility For Planting Backdoors Seen In Leaked Pictures
Many of the National Security Agency’s spying programs are now out in the open, courtesy of highly classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Recently Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who has worked with Snowden on these revelations, brought even more leaks to the forefront. Citing classified documents it was reported that the NSA intercepts networking equipment being exported out of the U.S. to plant backdoors. Photos of one such secret facility have […]

Edward Snowden's Story Might Be Immortalized By Hollywood
The entire debacle was certainly nothing short of a thriller. A former CIA technical analyst working for a military contractor walks out the door with highly classified documents on a thumb drive. He then flies to Hong Kong before handing over some of the documents to journalists who break the story about the most widespread electronic spying programs launched by the U.S. government. Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who has been in […]

NSA Reportedly Intercepts Network Equipment To Plant Backdoors
The Snowden affair will certainly have caused many headaches in Washington. A former CIA technical analyst drew the world’s attention to the National Security Agency’s clandestine electronic spy operations last summer by leaking a huge cache of highly classified documents. The leaks have continued to come in over time. Glenn Greenwald, a renowned journalist who was pivotal in breaking those stories and is believed to be in possession of even more […]

Bill Gates Doesn't Consider Snowden A Hero
Last year a former CIA technical analyst became one of the most popular advocates of online privacy after he leaked a barrage of highly classified documents. Criminal charges await him on his return to the U.S., for leaking documents that exposed U.S. National Security Agency’s wide reaching electronic spying programs. Most people might consider him a hero, but Bill Gates isn’t one of them. The Microsoft co-founder believes that methods […]

Edward Snowden Gets Second Nobel Peace Prize Nomination
One can bet that there are a lot of people in Washington scoffing at this report right now. Edward Snowden is now known around the world as the former CIA technical analyst who escaped to Hong Kong prior to leaking a barrage of top secret documents implicating the U.S. National Security Agency in widespread electronic spying programs. The leaks continue to this day, only recently documents provided by Snowden revealed […]