CB_nqkiUIAEqg-OTo some Edward Snowden is considered a hero as there are those who feel that he has exposed activities of the government that some feel are illegal and unconstitutional. However there are those who also feel strongly about what he has done and believe that he is in the wrong, going so far as to call him a traitor.

That being said, those who appreciate his efforts have actually created a statue of Snowden which was then installed in Brooklyn Park in New York City. The location of the statue sits on top of a column at the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument and according to the artists who spoke to Mashable, they chose the location because it is “loaded with significance and meaning and reverence of others.”

However it seems that authorities did not appreciate having Snowden’s statue displayed so publicly and have since removed it. According to a spokesperson, “Parks and NYPD have removed the sculpture. The erection of any unapproved structure or artwork in a city park is illegal.”

Unfortunately it seems that the removal did not stop others from showing their appreciation for Snowden as a hologram version of Snowden has since appeared in its place, which you can see for yourself in the image above that was put there by The Illuminator.

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