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Elecom Unveils Mouse Designed For MMORPG Gamers
MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft usually consist of a lot of button pressing to cast abilities to attack, heal, tank, escape, and so on. In the heat of the moment like during a raid or when in the dungeon, things start to get hectic and sometimes it’s hard to press the button/combination that you want.This is why MMORPG-designed mice exist which pretty much puts all your macros and shortcuts […]

Elecom NFC keyboard for Android devices is a world's first
Elecom has just released what is deemed to be the first NFC keyboard in the world for Android-powered devices, where those who prefer far more complex model numbers can refer to it as the TK-FNS040BK. This particularly tiny keyboard relies on the NFC IP-1 protocol which will allow you to transform your mobile device into a real and compact productivity center. The concept is pretty interesting, but execution? Well, sad […]

Elecom Bluetooth keyboard does the wireless handset jig, too
Now here is a peripheral from Elecom that is definitely worthy of your attention, being future forward and all. The Elecom TK-MBDD041 Series Bluetooth-enabled device does not only function as a wireless keyboard with other compatible devices, it will also double up as a wireless handset when the situation calls for it. Yes sir, if you simply need a dedicated handset to carry out your voice conversations while using a […]

Elecom wireless projection keyboard comes with mouse mode
Wireless projection keyboards are nothing new, they have been around for a fair number of years already, and I am rather surprised to see Elecom introduce yet another model for the mobile market – the TK-PBL042BK wireless projection keyboard. This particular device will, as usual, project a keyboard that illuminates in red light on a flat surface, where it is capable of detecting just which keys are pressed thanks to […]


Elecom nendo Orime laser mouse
Most of the time, designer dresses that you see on the runway might be pleasing to the eye, shocking even, but are they functional? I guess the same applies when you rope in one of the top creative talents in Japan, nendo, to create a new laser mouse – ending up with the Elecom nendo Orime. This five-button wireless designer laser mouse won’t come cheap at $90 a pop, and […]

Elecom's Bluetooth TK-FBP030E keyboard is compatible with a variety of Apple devices
Interested in getting your hands on a Bluetooth keyboard that not only works with a variety of iOS devices but also for your Mac as well? If you are shopping for such a keyboard it looks like Elecom may have the solution for you in the form of the TK-FBP030E Bluetooth keyboard.

Elecom's faucet-inspired iPad/iPhone stand
Looking for a stand for your iPad? If you’re not really in need of a stand that has built in speakers, or an additional display or one that can put into your car, then perhaps this Elecom stand designed by Nendo could just be what you were looking for.

"Un Photoalbum" is Elecom's digital picture frame
With digital photos starting to replace the need for film, it also is starting to reduce the need for conventional picture frames. After all why would you need to print photographs and store them in frames when they can be easily accessed from our computers, smartphones and tablets? One could argue that picture frames placed around a home would make it feel more “homely” and adds a personal touch and […]

Elecom Data clip does more than store your files
Swiss army knife USB drives seem to be all the rage now – I mean, why spend money on a thumb drive that only stores files when you can get one that comes with a screwdriver as well? But some of those Swiss army knife USB drives aren’t suitable for everybody – for example, why would a school teacher need a can opener or a similar tool? They’d be better […]

Elecom's New Rinkak Mouse Puts That Cable To Good Design Use
It’s starting to look like wireless mice are the way to go these days, especially if they manage to free up an additional USB port that could be put to better use, but if you don’t like the fact that you’re wireless mouse could run out of battery mid-use and you have no spare, or that wireless mice tend to be heavier than their corded counterparts due to its battery, […]

Elecom Bluetooth keyboard and stand
Elecom has just introduced 2 new Bluetooth 3.0 keyboards to the market – the TK-FBM023E and TK-FBM023. The Bluetooth keyboards are universal, meaning they will work with any Bluetooth enabled device such as the Apple iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, as well as your PC or PS3 (I think it could probably work with the new Pokemon typing game too). The FBM023E series will come with additional function keys […]

Elecom Wireless Keyboard relies on Bluetooth to stay connected
Elecom’s latest foray into the wireless keyboard fray comes in the form of the TK-FDP021 Series, which is actually a Bluetooth wireless compact keyboard that measures 266.2mm ×127.1mm × 19.2mm. It sports a trackball so that you need not tote around a mouse, although we would always feel much more at home with a mouse. Both the left- and right-click buttons are located on the top corner of the keyboard […]

Elecom MR-A005 And MR-A006 Card Readers Support SDXC Cards
You might not even have 47 different types of flash cards in your home, but the folks over at Elecom probably think it’s better to be safe than sorry, which could be the reason they came up with the MR-A005 and MR-A006 memory card readers. The design itself is pretty common, but it’s one of the few multi-card readers out there that support SDXC memory cards, and it’s touted to […]

Elecom rolls out new memory card readers
Elecom has a couple of new memory card readers available in Japan – the USB-style MR-A001BK as well as the cable-type MR-A002 series. The former is capable of handling up to 10 different types of memory cards, including the latest SDXC format which maxes out at a whopping 64GB, while the MR-A002 series plays around with 32 different types of media including SDXC, alongside the Memory Stick range from Sony […]