Wireless projection keyboards are nothing new, they have been around for a fair number of years already, and I am rather surprised to see Elecom introduce yet another model for the mobile market – the TK-PBL042BK wireless projection keyboard. This particular device will, as usual, project a keyboard that illuminates in red light on a flat surface, where it is capable of detecting just which keys are pressed thanks to a sensor that will track the movement of one’s fingers. The launch model from Elecom will “talk” to iOS and Android-powered devices over a Bluetooth connection, and can also hook up to a desktop or notebook via Bluetooth or USB, although I do not really see the point of doing so. When connected over USB, it will juice up the internal battery as well.

Elecom’s TK-PBL042BK is extremely portable, tipping the scales at just 77 grams and requires far less space than a standard keyboard. The projected keyboard comes with a standard key pitch of 19mm, where it is capable of handling up to 350 words per minute – that should be good enough for most folks. Apart from that, you are able to help save energy on this by adjusting the keyboard’s brightness up to three different levels. In addition, a “mouse mode” is supported, letting it function as a touchpad of sorts as you move your finger in the area over the projected keyboard. The Elecom TK-PBL042BK is not going to come cheap at around $348 after conversion, meaning it will probably sell just a handful, if any.

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