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Oslo Builds World's First Highway For The Conservation Bees
Bees are vital for the sustainability of the environment and they also play a vital role in food production globally. Scientists around the world have been letting out warnings about the alarming decrease in the bees population around the world. Keeping all these worries in mind, an environment group in Norway has come with a vivid plan to combat the aforementioned problems.

Trip To China: Smog Insurance Now Available
Travelers going to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Chengdu and Harbin for less than one week can now buy a Smog Insurance to be compensated in case the smog is so thick that it would ruin their trip. The metric for air pollution would be the local Pollution Index and if it goes above a certain level, then customers would be entitled to compensation.

Bird Watchers Up In Arms Over Use Of Smartphone Apps
Due to our smartphones essentially being tiny computers that we can easily slip into our pockets, it has led to a development of a variety of apps that can do just about anything, from splitting a bill and finding out the right amount to tip, to weird and novel games that have been designed to take advantage of our smartphone’s hardware. It has also led to a change in certain […]

Virtual Wall Could Prevent Oil Spills
Oil spills are considered to be a major environmental disaster, being a slippery substance by itself whenever it is on a microscope slide or when it is leaked into the ocean. In fact, it costs a whole lot to clean up an oil spill, but what is worse would be the negative impact on the environment. Since prevention is always better than cure, how about utilizing special surfaces which were […]


Massive Arctic Ice Loss Reported By Cryosat Mission
Scientists working with the European Space Agency (ESA) Cryosat satellite have discovered that Arctic ice loss has been massive in the years between 2003 and 2012. The ice loss is indicated at declining by 36% during autumn and 9% during winter. Cryosat satellite can measure ice thickness using a high-resolution radar altimeter. To achieve this, the altimeter of the satellite shoots microwave energy towards the ice. This energy bounces of […]

Earthquakes Linked To Wastewater Disposal From Fracking
Scientists are trying to prove that the recent rise in earthquakes are linked to wastewater disposal from shale gas hydrofracking. Evidence shows that the significant rise in seismic activity over the last few years in the U.S. coincide with the rise of hydraulic fracturing, a method for extracting oil and natural gas which usually involves injecting water and chemicals into shale rock.

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project could be the start of a greener world
In today’s dying world, everybody is pushing to go green by using renewable energy sources (i.e. solar, wind, water) and using fuel that isn’t harmful to the environment (i.e. electricity, hydrogen). Now, nine companies have decided to band together to do something even better – by creating a self-sustainable town that is environmental friendly; the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST) project.Spearheaded by Panasonic and eight other companies (Accenture, Mitsui […]

Nokia makes the world’s greenest phones
If there’s one more reason to get a Nokia phone now, it would be because the Finnish company makes the greenest phones in the world. Not literally green, but figuratively. According to GoodGuide, a company that rates products based on their impact on the environment and society, Nokia dominates the charts of the world’s greenest phones. From the list of hundreds of phones, you won’t see a non-Nokia phone in […]

Fujitsu M440 is the world’s most eco-friendly mouse
Fujitsu has just released the M440 – the world’s most eco-friendly mouse – producing this mouse ejects less carbon dioxide into the air that creating one with regular plastic. All the non-metal parts of the mouse are made from biologically sourced renewable compounds such as lignin, starch, and natural resins. The bio-degradable mouse works just like a regular plastic mouse and in some instances can be more comfortable due to […]

3D Solar cells will make solar energy efficient
Solar energy – a renewable energy source that hasn’t been too popular due to its low efficiency and high cost of implementation. And that’s because of our current solar panel designs – they just don’t trap the sunlight well enough. Up to 30% of incident sunlight is reflected off the surface of conventional cells themselves. Solar3D Inc, a startup focused on solar energy has designed the solar cells of the […]

Biolamps uses CO2 to light up the streets
One of the key problems we currently face in our world is the pollution produced from cars. And one of the solutions used to combat this problem is electric cars, but since they are much too costly for most people to afford at the moment, so a designed has come up with a proposed solution to the problem. Called Biolamps, these lamps contain algae mixed with water, which converts the […]

Koolhaus Concept Helps You Keep Tabs On Your Water Usage
If Tony Stark (Iron Man) were to design his own bathroom, he’d probably come up with a futuristic faucet design like this Koolhaus tap. It allows users to measure and monitor the total water volume used by each bathroom appliance, which will be a good way to educate users to the importance of saving water. With this concept, every appliance in the bathroom will sport its own flow rate device, […]

Waterpebble Aims To Help You Save Water
We should all be doing our bit for the environment, and it looks like the Waterpebble, designed by Paul Priestman, aims to help by monitoring the amount of water used by you during a shower. While previous water meters look more high tech, this one looks rather simple, and will sit comfortably at the bottom of your shower, monitoring the amount of water that gets washed down, and will indicate […]

Microsoft Hohm: Energy Conservation 2.0
In nine hours, Microsoft will officially announce Hohm, a web-based service that has been created to help people and utilities companies manage energy more efficiently. The official announcement will be made at the Edison Electric Institute utility industry conference, at 9am (PT) on Wednesday. Hohm works by tracking one’s energy consumption and providing some optimization advices, based on the information that is provided by the user, or by sensors. Hohm […]