Highway for bees

Bees are vital for the sustainability of the environment and they also play a vital role in food production globally. Scientists around the world have been letting out warnings about the alarming decrease in the bees population around the world. Keeping all these worries in mind, an environment group in Norway has come with a vivid plan to combat the aforementioned problems.

The group has constructed world’s first highway exclusively for bees in the capital of Osio. It is not just any ordinary highway that we humans travel on, but a line of safe spots made on rooftops to enable a safe route for bees to commute throughout the city without any hindrance. These safe spots are equipped with shelters and flowers that would provide bees with perfect commuting conditions and food. This initiative is a fruit of joint-efforts made by the home owners, government, and offices in offering their rooftops for the construction of these stops.

Highway for bees
Not only this, the environment group has also made an interactive map on the website polli.no, which projects the route of the highway along with the paths that branch out. New partners can also join the initiative in order to expand the highway, the only is requisite is to offer their rooftops.

Group’s leader, Agnes Lyche Melvaer, says,”As humans continue to reshape the environment for our needs and benefits, other species still need spaces to survive. One way to address this, as the bee highway demonstrates, is to offer up a place in return for them to feed and live.”

As of now there is no particular data to show that how effective the entire project has been for the enhancement in the population of bees. Many biologists are of a view that many significant changes are required in the field of agriculture for restoring bee population. Having said that, these small steps taken by the environment group in Norway is nothing less than applaudable.

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