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Production Photos Of Essential Phone Released By Andy Rubin
Some of you might be aware that Andy Rubin is the co-founder of Android. A few years ago he left his position at Google to pursue other ventures. Essential is his flagship venture. The company unveiled its first smartphone, the Essential Phone, several weeks back. While it has missed its release deadline for the Essential Phone, it confirmed retail availability for the device yesterday. Rubin has also released production photos […]

Essential Confirms Amazon And Best Buy Retail Availability
Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company Essential missed its release deadline for its very first smartphone, the Essential Phone. While those who pre-registered to purchase the handset are still waiting to get their hands on it, the company has confirmed Amazon and Best Buy retail availability for the Essential Phone.

Essential Phone Release Will Take Place 'In A Few Weeks'
It has been over a month since Android founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company unveiled its first-ever handset, called Essential Phone. Rubin had said that the company would release the Essential Phone by the end of June. That didn’t happen. Essential didn’t give an update on the situation for a couple of weeks but now Rubin has sent out a statement confirming that the Essential Phone release will take place […]

Essential Is Working On Another Smartphone
You may not have heard of Essential. It’s a new company by the man who’s considered the father of Android, Andy Rubin. Essential unveiled its first smartphone several weeks ago called the Essential Phone. While the company is yet to ship the handset to customers in the United States, it appears that the company already has a new smartphone in the pipeline.


Essential Phone International Launch Expected In A Few Months
Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone may be released in markets across the globe in the coming months. His nascent company Essential unveiled its first smartphone several weeks ago. While the handset is yet to be released to customers in the United States, according to a new report, Essential employees are now paving the way for a launch in markets like Japan and Europe.

Essential Phone Release Date Missed, Company Offers No Updates
There was a lot of hype surrounding Andy Rubin’s new smartphone. The co-founder of Android is heading a new company called Essential that unveiled its much-awaited handset at the end of May. Back then, Rubin promised that the company would ship the handset to customers in the United States within 30 days. It should have released the smartphone on June 29th but it didn’t and the company isn’t providing any […]

Sprint Claims Pricing Advantages Make It Perfect For The Essential Phone
Android co-founder Andy Rubin recently unveiled his new company Essential’s first smartphone, aptly called Essential Phone. It was confirmed yesterday that this handset will be exclusive to Sprint in the United States and will be compatible with other carriers as well. While some might be confused by this decision that Essential has taken, Sprint says that pricing advantages make it the perfect pick as the exclusive U.S. carrier partner for […]

Essential Phone Will Be Exclusive To Sprint
When Andy Rubin officially announced the Essential Phone, there was a question with regards to availability. Given that this is essentially a new player in the market of smartphones, it would be hard to predict where the phone might end up, although major carriers in the US did pretty much confirm that they would support the phone in some capacity.

Essential Already Has A Trademark Infringement Problem
Essential, a company formed by ex-Googler and co-founder of Android Andy Rubin, recently unveiled its first smartphone called Essential Phone. The handset is yet to be released and the company already finds itself in a trademark infringement problem.

Essential Phone Release Confirmed For June
The much-awaited Essential smartphone was finally unveiled officially yesterday. We now know what specifications this device has and how much it’s going to cost. Essential CEO Andy Rubin, who previously worked at Google and happens to be the co-founder of Android, has now confirmed when his company is going to start shipping out its first smartphone.

US Carriers Confirm Support For Essential Phone
Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, recently launched his own smartphone efforts in the form of the Essential Phone. On the phone’s support page, it states that it has been designed to work across all the major carriers in the US, but does it? The core features are there, such as calls, texting, and data, but what about the rest?

Essential Phone's 360 Degree Camera Detailed
The much-awaited Essential Phone was finally unveiled today officially. It comes from Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, who runs his own company called Essential now. The price and specs of the new handset have been confirmed. It has also been revealed that it’s going to have a modular character and that one of the first modules for this handset is its 360 degree camera.

Andy Rubin's Essential Smartphone Price And Specs Confirmed
The co-founder of Android Andy Rubin runs his own company called Essential and it was confirmed last week that the company will finally unveil the smartphone that it has been working on. The Essential Phone has been officially unveiled today, it brings flagship-level specifications with a price tag to match.