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Essential Phone Review (PH-1)Editor's Pick
Even before Essential shipped its first product, the hype was mile-high. As a company founded by Android creator Andy Rubin, it was normal that the expectations were through the roof. The Essential made its debuts in September, shortly after the Galaxy Note 8, and just ahead of the new iPhones. With a clearer vision of the smartphone landscape going into the Holiday season, we review the Essential Phone (model PH-1).

Essential Phone Gets Another Price Cut, Drops Down To $450
When the Essential Phone was announced, many were expecting great things from it. This is because as a new company, Essential was not constrained by expectations that companies like Apple or Samsung face when launching a new smartphone. The company was also helmed by Android’s Andy Rubin, who before that was behind Danger Inc., the company behind the Sidekick mobile phone.

Essential Phone Update Gives It Fingerprint Sensor Gestures
Given that a lot of our phones these days seem to pack similar hardware specs, one of the ways to differentiate phones from each other would be in terms of features, whether it be software or hardware. The good news for Essential Phone owners is that it looks like the company has recently pushed out an update that will introduce fingerprint gestures.

Pure White Essential Phone Is Finally Available
The Essential Phone was introduced in two color options but the company only released the one in black initially. Apparently, it required more time to put the finishing touches on the white model, that’s because it has taken the company two months to finally offer the Pure White color option for the Essential Phone. Those who have been waiting for one can finally get their hands on a Pure White […]


Essential Phone Has Reportedly Only Sold 5,000 Units So Far
Considering who is behind the Essential Phone, you would think that there would be many flocking to it, however given that it is also a brand new device, some skepticism wouldn’t be surprising. However could there have been too much skepticism? According to a report by BayStreet Research, the Essential Phone appears to have only sold 5,000 units to date.

Unlocked Essential Phone Available Now From Best Buy
Essential, Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, recently released its first smartphone ever. The Essential Phone was finally released over a month ago after the company missed its own initial release timeframe. Those who have been meaning to get their hands on one can now pick up the Essential Phone from a variety of sources. Best Buy now has the unlocked Essential Phone available for customers across the country.

Essential Phone Now Supported On Verizon
Essential’s first smartphone has finally received approval on Verizon which means that the Essential Phone is now compatible with the country’s largest mobile network. Verizon didn’t guarantee initially if the Essential Phone would work on its network, adding that the handset hadn’t cleared the certification process. That is no longer the case now, Essential Phone owners can start using their handset on Verizon.

Essential Phone To Receive Android 8.0 Oreo Update In Next Few Months
Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone was launched a few months ago and the phone came with Android 7.0 Nougat bundled with it. Given that this is a brand new phone from a brand new company, it does give Rubin and co. a chance to prove themselves to their customers, and one of those ways is through timely updates.

Sprint Starts Selling Essential Phone At Retail Stores
Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company Essential unveiled its first handset a few months back. Aptly called the Essential Phone, the handset was released weeks after its original release date. Essential is selling it directly to customers and it has chosen Sprint as its exclusive carrier partner for the handset. Starting today, Sprint is selling the Essential Phone at its retail stores across the nation.

Essential Phone Gets Branded As A 'Hot Mess'
Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone finally started shipping a couple of weeks back after missing the company’s own initial release deadline. If you’re one of the people who picked up this handset, you might want to take extra care of this device because you woudn’t want to end up in a situation where it needs to be repaired. That’s because the teardown experts at iFixit have branded the Essential Phone as […]

Essential Customers Hit By Phishing Attack
Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company Essential recently started shipping out its first smartphone. The company actually missed its own release deadline due to certification issues. Customers were made to wait for longer than they expected and now that their units have started shipping, some of them have been hit by a phishing attack. That’s really no fault of the company itself, though.

Essential Phone Is Finally Shipping
Essential, the nascent smartphone company founded by the co-founder of Android Andy Rubin, unveiled its first smartphone earlier this year. The Essential Phone was supposed to be released over a month ago but the company missed its own release deadline. After confirming when the handset would be out, Essential has now finally started shipping the Essential Phone.

Essential Phone Available For Pre-Order From Sprint, Best Buy, And Essential
Essential unveiled its very first smartphone over a month back. The company missed its own launch deadline for the handset. The company’s founder Andy Rubin said last week that Essential will confirm when its first smartphone will be available. Those who have been waiting to order it can now do so. The Essential Phone can now be pre-ordered from Best Buy, Sprint, and Essential itself.

Essential To Host A 'First Look' Event On August 21st
Essential, Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company, has sent out invitations to a “first look” event which will take place on August 21st. It appears that the nascent smartphone company is inviting a select group of people to come in and play around with the much-awaited handset. The event will be conducted after Essential confirms when it’s finally going to release the Essential Phone.

Production Photos Of Essential Phone Released By Andy Rubin
Some of you might be aware that Andy Rubin is the co-founder of Android. A few years ago he left his position at Google to pursue other ventures. Essential is his flagship venture. The company unveiled its first smartphone, the Essential Phone, several weeks back. While it has missed its release deadline for the Essential Phone, it confirmed retail availability for the device yesterday. Rubin has also released production photos […]

Essential Confirms Amazon And Best Buy Retail Availability
Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company Essential missed its release deadline for its very first smartphone, the Essential Phone. While those who pre-registered to purchase the handset are still waiting to get their hands on it, the company has confirmed Amazon and Best Buy retail availability for the Essential Phone.

Essential Phone Release Will Take Place 'In A Few Weeks'
It has been over a month since Android founder Andy Rubin’s new smartphone company unveiled its first-ever handset, called Essential Phone. Rubin had said that the company would release the Essential Phone by the end of June. That didn’t happen. Essential didn’t give an update on the situation for a couple of weeks but now Rubin has sent out a statement confirming that the Essential Phone release will take place […]

Essential Is Working On Another Smartphone
You may not have heard of Essential. It’s a new company by the man who’s considered the father of Android, Andy Rubin. Essential unveiled its first smartphone several weeks ago called the Essential Phone. While the company is yet to ship the handset to customers in the United States, it appears that the company already has a new smartphone in the pipeline.

Essential Phone International Launch Expected In A Few Months
Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone may be released in markets across the globe in the coming months. His nascent company Essential unveiled its first smartphone several weeks ago. While the handset is yet to be released to customers in the United States, according to a new report, Essential employees are now paving the way for a launch in markets like Japan and Europe.

Essential Phone Release Date Missed, Company Offers No Updates
There was a lot of hype surrounding Andy Rubin’s new smartphone. The co-founder of Android is heading a new company called Essential that unveiled its much-awaited handset at the end of May. Back then, Rubin promised that the company would ship the handset to customers in the United States within 30 days. It should have released the smartphone on June 29th but it didn’t and the company isn’t providing any […]