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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Spotted Running Exynos 9825 Chipset
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be launched next month and for the most part, it is largely assumed that it could come in two variants where one will be powered by a Qualcomm chipset, and the other will be powered by a Samsung Exynos chipset. Thanks to recent benchmarks, we have an idea of what to expect.

Galaxy S10 Processor May Have Dedicated AI Processing Unit
Samsung hasn’t confirmed what its next flagship mobile processor is going to be called but if it sticks with the current naming convention then it may be called the Exynos 9820. The chip will debut with the Galaxy S10 early next year and would also be used for the Galaxy Note 10. A report suggests that the processor may have a dedicated processing unit for artificial intelligence.

Samsung Will Reportedly Sell Exynos Processors To Smartphone Makers
Samsung primarily uses its in-house developed Exynos processors for its smartphones. For flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S8, it has to rely on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips for certain markets like the United States. According to a new report, the company is now more open to selling its Exynos processors to other smartphone manufacturers as it wants to increase the reach of its smartphone chip platform.

Samsung Said To Be Working On Two New 10nm Exynos Processors
The Exynos 8895 is Samsung’s first 10nm processor. The company debuted it with the Galaxy S8 and it powers some variants of the flagship smartphone. If a new report is to be believed, Samsung is working two new Exynos processors that will use the 10nm FinFET fabrication technology. The report suggests that the two new processors – Exynos 7885 and Exynos 9610 – will be developed for Samsung’s mobile devices.


Does The Samsung Exynos 9 Ad Hint At The Note 8’s Design?
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a stunning and sleek piece of hardware, which means that expectations are pretty high as to what we might be able to expect from the Galaxy Note 8 which is scheduled for a release later this year. Now it seems that there is a slight possibility that Samsung might have given it away.

Samsung Starts Mass Production Of New 14nm Exynos 7570 Processor
Samsung today announced that it has started mass production of the new Exynos 7 Quad 7570 processor that’s built on its 14 nanometer process technology. This processor is meant for budget smartphones and Internet of Things devices. It’s the first mobile application processor in its class that has been designed with the advanced process node, it’s also the first Exynos processor to fully integrate a Cat.4 LTE 2CA modem and […]

Samsung Exynos 8870 Chipset Could Be Supplied To Other Smartphone Manufacturers
Everything is not what it seems to be these days – take any smartphone that is on the market today, and it would be nigh impossible to find a handset that is built entirely from scratch with every single part underneath the hood hailing from the same company. It is simply bad for business, as there is no need to reinvent the wheel – so why not take the best […]

Unknown BlackBerry With Samsung Exynos Processor Spotted
BlackBerry has never been one of those companies that made its own chipsets, rather it has relied upon companies like Qualcomm to provide the processing power for its handsets. It appears that for its next handset the company might be looking towards Samsung to provide the crucial processing components, at least that’s what seems like a possibility as an unknown BlackBerry device seemingly powered by the Samsung Exynos 7420 processor […]

Exynos 8890 Chipset Could Be Mass Produced By Samsung This Year
In this fast paced world of technology, you can be sure that there will be constant innovations in order to keep ahead of the competition, and Samsung, the South Korean conglomerate, is no different, too. In fact, we have received word that Samsung is all set to mass produce the Exynos 8890 chipset which will see action in their upcoming flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S7, some time in December […]

Samsung Rumored To Have Hired Key AMD CPU Architect
Those who follow AMD-related news closely will be well aware that the company’s key CPU architect Jim Keller left AMD last month. At that time the company said that he had completed all of his work and that his departure from AMD wouldn’t affect what the company has planned for the future. There has been some speculation among the AMD faithful as to where Keller may land, if a rumor is […]

Samsung Orbis Smartwatch Could Be Powered By An Exynos 7420 Chipset
We have been hearing rumors that Samsung is planning on launching a round smartwatch dubbed the Samsung Orbis. In fact recent patents have revealed some possible ways that the smartwatch could be used, such as rotating its bezel as a means of navigating the watch’s interface.That being said, what else could we expect from the device in terms of specifications? Interestingly enough a recent rumor has surfaced which seems to […]

Samsung's 14nm Exynos 7 Chipsets Officially Announced
Every year Samsung announces upgrades to their own Exynos-brand of SoCs and this year it looks like the Exynos 7 will be the latest chipset to be announced by the South Korean tech giant. The new Exynos 7 chipsets will be built using the 14nm process which according to Samsung, would make it more powerful and efficient over the 20nm built chips.Samsung is boasting that compared to chipsets built using […]

Exynos 7420 Chipset Benchmarked
It has been said that there are several variants of Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S6, which will run with the Exynos 7420 chipset underneath the hood. Well, what do we know of the Exynos 7420 chipset? This chipset has more or less gone through the wringer over at Geekbench, where the single-core score which was racked up touched the 1,520 figure, while the multi-core tally managed to hit […]

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5430 Announced
Just yesterday Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Alpha smartphone, its much rumored device that is fashioned out of metal. The Alpha is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos chip and now the company has revealed more detailed information about the Exynos 5 Octa 5430. Samsung has built this chip on its 20nm process to ensure “drastically lower” consumption of power.