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Eyelock Myris Review
Given the rate at which emails and passwords are being stolen or leaked, it is fair to say that Internet security is a problem that concerns every web user. The truth is that the login+password pair is not the greatest way to secure access to your information, but the reality is that the whole web is built around that security scheme. At the moment, no other very exotic form of […]

New autofocus technology could be used in Apple and Nokia phones
One of the limitations in most phones that pack cameras is the lack of autofocus. This is due to the fact that focusing is achieved by the moving of lenses, which requires energy – and since phones (especially smartphones) don’t have a lot of juice in the first place, it isn’t a very practical feature to have. Well some researchers in Oslo, Norway have come up with a solution to […]

Microrobot used to administer drugs in eyes
Some scientists at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems in Switzerland are developing tiny, electromagnetically controlled microrobots that can swim on the surface of a patient’s eye. These robots then stay there for months, releasing drugs. The drugs come in the form of biodegradable capsules that dissolve in the patient’s eye. As an alternative treatment to macular degeneration (a condition that leads to legal blindness), use of the microrobots […]

A computer in my eye: the millimeter scale computer is here
The University of Michigan has announced that it has built a computer so small that it can be implanted in (or around?) the eye of Glaucoma patients to monitor eye pressure. If you’re not familiar with Glaucoma, it’s a disease that causes the pressure in the eye to damage the optic nerve. It can lead to permanent blindness, and it is often hard to monitor because it is (usually) painless. […]


Telescopic Eye Implant Approved By The FDA
As we age, often our eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, but with technology moving at such a fast pace, maybe we’ll have robotic eyes by the time we’re old. In the meantime, VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies has had its implantable miniature telescope approved by the FDA a few days ago. This device was designed for patients over 75 years of age and are suffering from end-stage macular […]

Head Mounted EyeSeeCam Tracks Your Eyes
Ever been in the scenario where you wish your computer knew what you were seeing and if it could track where you’re looking at? The EyeSeeCam might be what you’re been looking for. This rig is attached to your face and uses four cameras, two to track your eyes, one as your third-eye, and the fourth is a tracking camera. It’ll be interesting to see how this technology can be […]

Electronic contact lens applications...
What would happen if you could have a display as close to your eyes as it can get? Some say “augmented reality”, but there are lower hanging fruits that might even be more useful. Assuming that the resolution is as high as what you eyes normally perceive, there are a host of image processing application that could be implemented without requiring storage or network access. Think about night vision, increased […]