EyeOne of the limitations in most phones that pack cameras is the lack of autofocus. This is due to the fact that focusing is achieved by the moving of lenses, which requires energy – and since phones (especially smartphones) don’t have a lot of juice in the first place, it isn’t a very practical feature to have. Well some researchers in Oslo, Norway have come up with a solution to the problem: by creating an autofocus lens that works just like the human eye.

Using extremely thin glass plates, a polymer, a gel material and a metal alloy with flexible properties, they managed to come up with a contraption that works just like the muscles around the eye that could adjust the gel-based lens with the use of almost no energy. The researchers partnered with PoLight to create a prototype camera that can be used in a mobile phone and according to them – companies like Apple and Nokia that have seen it in action are showing interest.

No word on when we’ll see such technology being used in future phones, but we can’t wait.

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