Ford introduces “Door Edge Protector” feature

There are times when inconsiderate drivers park their cars too close to ours, and we come back from the mall, grocers or a nice dinner only to find that they have dented our doors or scrapped a bit of paint off them by opening the doors too hard. We’re guessing this pain is amplified especially if you’re driving a high-end sports car, however thanks to Ford, if you see the […]

BMW Crash-Severity Algorithm Analyzes Potential Injuries

It looks like BMW has been making the news quite a bit lately what with their app that analyzes your driving patterns to help build a better EV of tomorrow and now it looks like thanks to their algorithm that has been built into their cars, whenever a crash occurs, the car is able to analyze the severity of the crash and report the potential injuries to rescue teams who […]

Mac OS X Lion introduced at WWDC

The next version of Apple’s operating system for desktop and laptop computers was unveiled at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, and here is a rundown on the Mac OS X Lion features that were shown off by Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of World Wide Product Marketing. Multi-Touch Gestures: Mac OS X Lion will now support multi-touch gestures. Multi-touch trackpads will also be built into all of Apple’s new notebooks […]

Apple introduces iOS 5

At the WWDC Keynote today, Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iOS Software took the stage to introduce the latest version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices to the world, putting an end and confirming recent rumors and speculations about iOS 5. Overall it was a great presentation, with many new and interesting features folks will be getting excited about. iOS 5 will introduce: Notification Center: an improved notification […]


Microsoft shows off new Music + Video Hub for Windows Phone 7

As we all know by now, everybody is just waiting in anticipation for the next major update to Windows Phone 7 – Mango. Since the update isn’t completed and primed for our WP7 devices yet, Microsoft isn’t releasing it yet so it is doing the next best thing it can do – reveal WP7 Mango’s features to us through detailed blog posts. The latest feature to get this unveiling treatment […]

Android Market gives us new ways to discover apps

This week is a pretty big week for Android – with the whole Google I/O event going on, a lot of aspects about Android are being updated. One of the most important Android services, launched together with the Honeycomb tablet earlier this year is the web-based Android Market. With the amount of apps already surpassing the 200,000 milestone, users need an easier way to find apps they want or need. […]

Unmentioned Windows Phone 7 NoDo features listed online

Change logs have the tendency to miss out the inclusion of certain features, Windows Phone 7’s NoDo update is no exception. We all know that it brings copy/paste, improved multitasking and Marketplace search improvements, but there are a number of features that aren’t officially made known and discovered by users of the phones themselves. According to the folks over at WMPowerUser, here are the features that NoDo brings to the […]

Mozilla Firefox Aurora: not for the faint of heart

One thing that sets Google Chrome apart from the web browser competition is the fact that folks who love testing new software have access to the latest updates on a frequent basis. As we all know, new features always make people happy and the constant stream of new features from the developer builds of Chrome keep these hungry people satisfied, while the folks who aren’t too keen on testing the […]

Google officially shows off Honeycomb

Today at the Android-themed Google event, Google proudly gave an in-depth demonstration of the latest version of the Android operating system. Android 3.0, or better known as Honeycomb, is the first version of Android that has been optimized for tablets, and from what we’ve seen it looks extremely promising. The Android team has gone into a lot of hard work to modify Android so that it will work better with […]