There are times when inconsiderate drivers park their cars too close to ours, and we come back from the mall, grocers or a nice dinner only to find that they have dented our doors or scrapped a bit of paint off them by opening the doors too hard. We’re guessing this pain is amplified especially if you’re driving a high-end sports car, however thanks to Ford, if you see the new Ford Focus parked next to your car, dents and scrapes are something you will not have to worry about.

Back in the day and in some older car models, you may notice that the edges of the doors come fitted with a piece of rubber. The point of the rubber is so that when you open the door next to a wall or another car it will not damage your car or the other car in the process. Unfortunately these rubber attachments were an eyesore, at least in today’s car design which is why lately you don’t see many cars sporting the rubber attachment.

Ford however, has decided to bring it back but has redesigned it in such a way that it is hidden from sight when the door is closed, but springs into action when your door is opened. It has been dubbed the “Door Edge Protector” and when your door is open, a rubber strip automatically flips out (as pictured above). When you close the door, the flip folds back in in under 60 milliseconds, which is great for those who love slamming their car doors. Like we mentioned earlier this contraption can be found in the updated Ford Focus which is expected to be released early next year.

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