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iXpand Flash Drive Luxe Review
The iXPand Flash Drive Luxe (128GB model) caught my attention because it features dual purpose with USB-C and Apple Lighting connectors.That’s convenient as it should work with nearly all modern devices that have at least USB-C. Sandisk has several usage models for it, such as file-sharing or backups. I’m not sure to understand why it’s better to use this device to file-share when you can simply connect the phone to […]

SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring MicroSD Cards Announced
SanDisk is a well known name when it comes to higher performance memory products, so do not be surprised if you were to come across some of the more interesting memory cards that you would not have thought it possible to exist just a couple of years back. This time around, they have introduced their very first high endurance microSDXC memory card that is capable of recording up to 10,000 […]

Samsung T1 SSD Review: Portable Storage Redefined
Launched at CES 2015, Samsung new T1 Portable SSD has been designed to create a “new category” of flash storage, somewhere between a USB key, with which it shares a very compact size and light weight, and a regular portable drive with which it can compete in terms of storage capacity. On paper, the Samsung SSD T1 fits the bill completely, providing not only raw performance and compactness, but also […]

Toshiba has higher performance NAND flash devices
Toshiba recently announced that the company has spruced up their NAND flash portfolio by introducing a new range of higher performance 24-nanometer (nm) e-MMCTM devices. Wait here, e-what? Basically, these higher NAND flash devices will rely on toggle-mode double data rate NAND to reduce bottlenecks that are more often than not encountered by single data rate NAND, helping give a boost to faster random access and sequential performance.You will be […]


Samsung Develops NFC Chip With Embedded Flash Memory
Samsung has announced that it has developed a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip that features embedded flash memory. That chip is slated to go into mass production in 2011 and is an advanced chip that features a low power design with advanced RF sensitivity. The chip is suitable for smartphones since it consumes very little power in both active and standby mode. It apparently consumes 20 percent less power and […]

Samsung 512GB solid state drive relies on toggle-mode DDR NAND flash memory
Samsung has just announced that they will be rolling out a spanking new 512GB solid state drive that will rely on high performance toggle-mode DDR NAND flash memory. Inside, you will find a 30nm-class 32 gigabit chip that entered production in November last year, where the chip can operate at either 3.3V or 1.8V. Basically, that translates to it featuring a higher level of performance without consuming any more juice […]

Researchers Reduce Flash Memory Power Drain By 86% And Increase Write Speeds To 9.5GB/s
If it weren’t about the cost or storage capacity issue, most of us would choose an SSD over the traditional hard disk without hesitation. Now the smart folks over in Japan have decided to make SSDs even more enticing to us, by increasing the write speeds and reducing the power draw. Thanks to their new single-cell self-boost technique, researchers have lowered the operational voltage down to 1V, while being able […]

Samsung Unveils 32GB NAND Flash Memory Built On 20 Nanometer Technology
Samsung is showing its muscle in the flash memory business by announcing that it has managed to produce the first NAND chips based on the 20nm manufacturing process. These chips are based on multi-level cell (MLC) NAND technology, and the 32GB chips are designed to be used in SD memory cards and devices that need embedded memory. Samsung is already shipping SD cards based on this technology to its customers, […]

Sandisk Extreme Pro compact flash cards
You might think of Compact Flash (CF) cards as a commodity, and it’s mostly true, except for the very high-end where the Sandisk Extreme Pro sits. Aimed at the professionals (and enthusiast) photographers, the “Extreme Pro” series can read and write twice as fast as the previous generation of Sandisk Extreme CFs. We’re talking about a peak rate of 90MB/s versus 45MB/s. Sandisk has achieved this by using a new […]