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Cisco pulls the switch on their Flip line of camcorders
It has long been known that Cisco owns Pure Digital after forking out $590 million for it, where the latter has the Flip video camera as part of its hardware portfolio. Well, it seems that the networking giant is about to shut down the Flip business, although they won’t leave current FlipShare customers and partners in the dark by offering a transition plan. Apart from that, Cisco intends to pay […]

Triple Flip is one funky flip concept phone
Everybody seems intent on bringing the flip phone back, but nobody has really succeeded in capturing its essence ever since its phase ended. But Dave Schultze might have just done it with his latest concept creation, The Triple Flip. When having one side to flip isn’t enough, you get two sides to flip out, as well as a slide out QWERTY keyboard as well. Running on Windows Phone 7, it […]

Flip concept phone
Kristen Ulrich Larsen will be presenting the next Flip phone concept which will be happening at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona. This unique device will feature a trio of flexible touchscreen displays, where it can be manipulated across different facets. One thing’s for sure, this isn’t exactly the most comfortable design and form factor to place into your pocket, as it would create a real unsightly bulge. There is […]

Cisco's new M3260 could be the new Flip camera?
Cisco Linksys, the company that brought us the Flip video camera all those years ago for those who want a no-brainer method of recording your favorite moments in digital video, has passed another Digital Video Recorder known as the M3260 through the FCC. While scarce information was available in the FCC documents, we do know that the device will most probably be part of Cisco Linksys’ hugely popular range of […]


Scosche freedomMIC Brings Bluetooth Microphone to Flip
Scosche is introducing a Bluetooth microphone dubbed the freedomMIC for the Flip Ultra HD and Mino HD pocket camcorders. The implementation is similar to the Blue Microphone Mikey in that there is an adapter that plugs into the Flip’s ports at the bottom, but instead of having the microphone be built into the adapter, a separate clip-on microphone can be attached to the Flip and transmit recorded audio wirelessly via […]

Flip MinoHD and UltraHD models get refreshed
You can’t just stay where you are and expect to remain at the top of the game – that would be suicidal. Cisco knows that, which is why the company has refreshed the MinoHD and UltraHD range of camcorders, with the 4GB Flip UltraHD going for $149 while boasting the ability to capture an hour’s worth of 720p video at 30fps. Of course, more money nets you better options, which […]

Flip SlideHD camcorder is now official
We know that Best Buy will be offering the Flip SlideHD camcorder due to a leak previously, but don’t let that bit steal thunder away from Cisco’s official announcement of their new Flip SlideHD camcorder. It is capable of capturing video footage in 1,280 × 720 resolution, featuring 16GB of internal memory that is able to record up to 4 hours of video before you transfer everything over to your […]

Cisco preps new Flip cameras
The Flip camera is meant for those who are just starting to delve into the world of digital video recording, and word has it that Cisco will be rolling out a new Flip camera, although there is no word on specifications. We would definitely want to see more functionalities thrown into the Flip range, as it is way too basic for our tastes, even for an entry-level device.

New iPod nano, hands-on
I just spent some time with the new iPod nano… needless to say that it is super light and thin (that’s not new). The camera is oddly placed on the bottom of the device where your fingers would tend to be. That said, it’s easy enough to hold it rotated at 90 degrees and use the widescreen or take the less intuitive approach of holding it on both sides to snap a […]