Old Nintendo Game Boy fitted with Motorola flipout Android 2.1 phone

Remember the old Nintendo Game Boy handheld console back in the day? Well for those who don’t remember, it is the console pictured above – rather large in design, did not feature any color but was still pretty darn entertaining. Well an XDA forum member by the handle flexoduss has decided to give it a new lease on life by combining it with a Motorola flipout phone with Android 2.1 […]

Motorola Flipout Finally Gets Announced on AT&T

After some initial drama and delays, the Motorola Flipout Android handset is finally making a debut on AT&T in the U.S. Though the handset is still not available yet, users can sign up to get notified when it will be offered at att.com/flipout. Boasting a 90-degree screen spin and an orange back battery cover, the Flipout reveals a 5-row QWERTY keyboard, runs Android 2.1, and has the MOTOBLUR 1.5 experience. […]

AT&T’s Motorola Flipout Shows Up On eBay

While it may seem that AT&T have cancelled the Flipout, Motorola reps have subsequently gone on to say that the device will still see a launch date in time for the holiday season. If that’s not soon enough for you, and you’ve got $388.88 floating around, you can grab one now from eBay via the auction site’s Buy It Now feature. It’s unclear if these will be the final build […]

AT&T Supposedly Cancelled the Motorola Flipout

Those of you who are waiting for the Motorola Flipout Android smartphone with its unique and compact form factor may be sad to know that the carrier may have cancelled the phone. According to Engadget, which was first to report of the Flipout’s supposed weekend launch, new information from retail stores say that AT&T corporate had instructed them to destroy all literature and promotional materials related to the phone, indicating […]


AT&T: Motorola Flipout, BlackBerry Curve 3G, Pearl 3G, Neon II, Windows Phone 7 Launches

Better late than never, it seems that the Motorola Flipout is finally headed to the States to carrier AT&T this weekend. Engadget has also learned that alongside the Flipout release, the carrier should also be updating its LG Neon feature phone with a Neon II follow-up. Also, AT&T is gearing up for some BlackBerry launches on October 3rd, primarily in the form of the BlackBerry Curve 3G and the Pearl […]