Boeing CEO Expects Self-Flying Cars To Hit Skies In Under Five Years

Gone are the days when the concept of flying cars could only be resigned to fiction. Many companies are working on vehicles capable of vertical takeoff and landing to address the transportation needs of the future. Boeing is one of them and the aviation giant’s CEO believes that fully operational self-flying cars will be capable of taking to the skies in less than five years.

Japan Enlists Major Companies For Operational Flying Cars

Japan wants operational flying cars to be available in the country in the next decade and for this purpose, it has enlisted some of the world’s top companies that are already working on flying cars. The companies that form part of the group that will receive support from the government include the likes of Uber, Boeing, Airbus, Toyota-backed startup Cartivator, and others. The group will initially be comprised of 21 […]

Rolls-Royce Working On Flying Cars As Well

There are quite a few companies that are working on their own systems for “flying taxis,” or vertical take-off and landing. Uber envisages running a full service of flying taxis in the future and now Rolls-Royce is throwing its hat in the ring as well. The company already has ample experience of producing propulsion systems for aircraft and it has now drawn up plans for an electric vertical take-off and […]

Porsche Flying Car Could Become A Reality

German manufacturer Porsche makes some of the most desirable cars in the world and it appears that the company wants to expand that reach into flying cars as well. It may join the long list of companies that are thinking about developing flying cars which may form the basis for a flying taxi service. Uber is particularly interested in the flying taxi space as it has reiterated time and time […]


Airbus Flying Car Will Be Tested By The End Of 2017

Airbus has long been working on an electric-powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft, commonly referred to as a flying car. The European company launched this project called Vahana back in 2016 through its Silicon Valley subsidiary. The project aims to develop a fleet of autonomous and electric-powered multirotor VTOL aircraft capable of flying from rooftop to rooftop in dense cities where traffic jams are a common occurrence. Airbus has released […]

Uber Working With NASA On Flying Taxis

Uber has made no secret of its intention to introduce flying taxis. It has already talked about this project in detail. The project is called Elevate and envisions flying taxis taking passengers wherever they need to go. Uber has now confirmed that it’s working with NASA to develop software for managing the routes for its flying taxis in the air.

Airbus Autonomous Flying Car Prototype Will Be Ready This Year

Airbus is best known for the giant airplanes it makes but many of you may not be aware that it’s also working on small autonomous flying cars that are meant for single-passenger travel. Airbus CEO Tom Enders has said that this is a project that the company takes very seriously and that it’s looking to have a prototype of this flying car ready by the end of this year.

Uber Is Working On Flying Cars

Uber isn’t just a company that created a platform to connect riders with drivers even though that happens to be its core business. The company is working on projects to fundamentally change how we go from one place to another. It has already shown off its self-driving car project and Uber has now revealed that it’s working on a flying car project. Sure, that does sound ambitious, but flying cars […]