Alef Aeronautics, a Silicon Valley startup backed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, is making strides in the flying car industry with its Model A, a $300,000 two-seater vehicle. The company has garnered significant interest, boasting over 2,850 preorders since the Model A became available for reservation in October 2022. With a $150 deposit, potential buyers secure their reservations, while a $1,500 payment grants priority in the delivery queue.

Model A (Image: Alef Aeronautics)

The Model A is an all-electric flying car with a 200-mile driving range and an estimated 110-mile flight range. Alef Aeronautics envisions it as a versatile vehicle that can operate on the road, take off vertically when necessary, and navigate the skies to avoid traffic. The Federal Aviation Administration granted approval for test flights in July, marking a milestone for the Model A.

Model A (Image: Alef Aeronautics)

CEO and co-founder Jim Dukhovny revealed that deliveries for the Model A are slated to begin in Q4 of 2025. The startup has already accumulated $250 million in preorders as of July, and if all 2,850 reservations materialize, Alef Aeronautics could potentially generate over $850 million in sales.

Mockup of the Model A in flight (Image: Alef Aeronautics)

A more affordable option coming in 2035

For those seeking a more affordable option, Alef Aeronautics is also working on the Model Z, a $35,000 four-seater sedan expected to be released in 2035.

This company’s ambitious foray into the flying cars scene is indeed something that can change the way we commute to work in our everyday lives — can you imagine being able to just fly above the traffic? What is your opinion about this product? Let us know in the comments!

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