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Qualcomm Is Now Suing Apple’s iPhone Manufacturing Partners
Earlier this year the FTC filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm over alleged antitrust violations. Following that, Apple launched a lawsuit of their own in which they alleged that Qualcomm had withheld payments to them as a form of “punishment” amongst other things. Unsurprisingly Qualcomm did not take these allegations lying down.

Google Launches PAX, Hopes To Put An End To Patent Trolls
If a company has been found to have infringed upon another company’s patent, a lawsuit usually occurs. Sometimes it is justified especially when the infringement is pretty blatant, but sometimes the patent in question is just so vague that we guess it could go either way depending on the interpretation.

Foxconn To Build Facility To Build Apple Prototypes
Apple used to have a reputation of being one of the more secretive tech companies around. For the most part they still are, although in recent years their announcements no longer come as a surprise a specs, details, and sometimes even photos of products are leaked ahead of their official announcement.

iPhone Manufacturer Foxconn Will Replace All Human Workers With Robots
Manufacturing jobs are increasingly being taken over by robots as automating factories and production lines turns out to be more cost-effective for companies. Foxconn, a China-based manufacturer that has long produced iPhones for Apple, has laid out a three-phase plan in which it’s going to replace almost all of its human workers with robots. So much for moving iPhone production out of China and possibly to the United States!


Apple Expanding Partnership With Foxconn For Future Growth
If latest reports are believed, Apple is expanding its partnership with its longtime manufacturing partner Foxconn for future growth in markets like China and Indonesia. Apple is reportedly looking to work with Foxconn as it wants to open up new research centers and wants to expand its business further into Southeast Asia.

iPhone Maker Foxconn Planning U.S. Expansion
Foxconn is one of Apple’s biggest contract manufacturing partners making products like the iPhone at its factories in China. Apple doesn’t make iPhones or most of its other products in the United States and it has been often criticized for that by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump who said on the campaign trail that he’s going to make the company move production back to the United States. Foxconn has now announced […]

Foxconn Exec Faces 10 Years In Jail For Stealing 5,700 iPhones
Foxconn is Apple’s main producer of the iPhone. The company is responsible for piecing together all of the various components and assembling them into the final product that many of us know and use everyday. So safe to say that employees at the company are pretty much surrounded by hundreds and thousands of iPhones on a daily basis.

Foxconn Reportedly Working On Wireless Charging For The iPhone 8
When it comes to wireless charging for Apple products, the Apple Watch is probably the closest thing we’ve got so far, and even then that’s kind of stretching it. However given the state of the wireless charging scene, we guess it is understandable that Apple isn’t so eager to adopt the technology just yet.

Apple & Foxconn Could Be Considering Making iPhones In India
One of the barriers to owning an iPhone would be its price, which safe to say puts it out of reach to many in emerging markets. However according to a report from The Economic Times (via 9to5Mac), Apple and Foxconn are said to be considering starting up manufacturing operations in India which could result in lower prices for the local market.

'Feeble' iPhone Sales Expected Until Early Next Year
Apple saw its first ever sales decline for the iPhone in the previous quarter and if whispers from the industry are to be believed, it’s going to get worse for the iPhone before it gets any better. The chairman of Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, has said that iPhone sales are going to remain feeble until early next year even though a couple of new iPhones will be launched this […]

60,000 Foxconn Factory Workers Have Been Replaced By Robots
We had heard as far back in 2011 that Foxconn had plans to replace their workers with robots. Now according to reports, the company has recently replaced 60,000 factory workers with robots. In a statement made to the BBC, the company says that by introducing robots to the assembly line, it will free up employees’ time to focus on other tasks.

Microsoft To Sell Nokia’s Feature Phone Business To Foxconn
Back in 2014, Microsoft announced that they would be buying the mobile division of Nokia, which we guess for the most part seemed like the majority of phones produced were smartphones, but it also included the occasional feature phone. However it looks like future feature phones under the Nokia division will no longer bear the Microsoft name.

Xiaomi To Foxconn: Increase Mi 5 Production, Please
It is not too long since the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship device was revealed (just last month, in fact), and it has already racked up close to 17 million registrations in just five days. Having said that, despite its release being limited to just core markets initially, Xiaomi is already asking Foxconn to increase production of the Mi 5 so that they are able to meet the demand for their […]

Foxconn’s Acquisition Of Sharp Could Be Delayed
Yesterday we reported that Foxconn would be taking over Sharp’s business for $6.4 billion. Considering that the initial reports suggested that Sharp was resistant to Foxconn’s plans due to Foxconn not being a Japanese company, it was quite an achievement for the company which would no doubt help make their services to companies to Apple even more invaluable.

Foxconn Will Reportedly Acquire Sharp For $6.24 Billion
Earlier this year we reported that Foxconn was interested in taking over Sharp’s business and reportedly offered the company $5.3 billion. Turns out the rumors were partly true because it has been according to The Wall Street Journal, “people familiar with the matter” have told them that Sharp’s board had approved the proposal.

Foxconn’s China Plant Caught Fire
A Foxconn factory that so happens to be the place that does much of the company’s iPhone manufacturing (yes, the famous handset from Apple, caught fire earlier today. Thankfully, there were no casualties involved in the incident, which means that only physical damage occurred over at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant. The fire began in the plant’s central air conditioning system before making its way rather quickly to several other floors. Despite […]

Foxconn Reportedly Offered $5.3 Billion To Take Over Sharp
Foxconn is a company that we’re sure many are familiar with. The company is probably best known for working with Apple in helping them produce and assemble the iPhone and other Apple products. That being said, it looks like Foxconn also wants in on the display business, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Foxconn Lowers Overtime Due To Drop In iPhone Holiday Sales
If there is one particular place in China which has received its fair share of information over the years concerning the working conditions there – with news of confirmed suicides and having to toil on in silence, then Foxconn would be it. Another report was published earlier this week that claimed how Foxconn has reduced the amount of assigned overtime to its assembly line workers, where this move was allegedly […]

OnePlus Will Start Manufacturing Smartphones In India
It didn’t take long for OnePlus to officially bring its smartphones to India, largely considered to be a very lucrative emerging market, therefore it’s no surprise to see many upcoming Chinese OEMs trying their luck in the Indian market. Some have even started manufacturing devices in the country to better cater to demand and now OnePlus is doing just that, the company confirmed today that it will start manufacturing smartphones in […]

Foxconn Employs More Workers For Another iPhone Model?
It looks like there is room for yet another iPhone model to arrive in due time, with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus being more or less confirmed and ready to hit the market soon. Well, apparently Apple must have learned a whole lot from the entire iPhone 5c experience if there are rumors of an iPhone 6c flying around, which has been further exacerbated with word that Foxconn […]