While Fruit Ninja for the Xbox Kinect already exists, there is a certain novelty about being able to play it on a super huge display, such as the Padzilla Too. If the name sounds familiar, it is because earlier last year we reported on the Padzilla which essentially transformed your iPad into a 150” touchscreen display. Now it looks like the folks at Crunch Logistics are back with their Padzilla Too display that not only transforms Apple’s latest iPad into a 24-feet wide, 12-feet tall display, but can also be controlled via Kinect gestures as demonstrated in the video above. 

While the product has yet to be priced, we’d hate to think how much such a setup would cost you. After all, a similar 6.8-feet wide model is already going for $41,000, so you do the math! While the company claims that the Padzilla Too has been designed for use in business presentations, we don’t see why it can’t be used for entertainment as well.

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