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Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 works with N-Trig Active Pen
Just what is the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 all about? Well, for starters, this is a business hybrid tablet that will ship with the DuoSense 4th generation product line, being specially designed for enterprise use. Not only that, it would also have a rather lofty aim for its existence – that is, to be used alongside the Windows 8 operating system. Depending on your needs at that point in time, the […]

Fujitsu explores software robot to tackle college entrance exams
Students will definitely perk up and sit straight upon hearing that Fujitsu will be working on a project that will create artificial intelligence that hopefully, will be able to ace college entrance exams. At least, we are looking at the math segment at one of Japan’s top universities. Eventually, the final goal of Fujitsu’s research division is to create software by the year 2021 which is capable of completing the […]

Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 arrives at the FCC
It is an unspoken rule for consumer electronics devices such as tablets and smartphones to go through the hallowed halls of the FCC before they are released to the masses, and here we are with a tablet not of the Android or iOS persuasion, but rather, one that will be powered by Microsoft’s Windows platform. So far, it remains to be seen whether it is Windows 7 or Windows 8 […]

Fujitsu recycles CDs and DVDs into notebooks
The next time you pick up a Fujitsu notebook, you might want to take a second look at the notebook’s chassis – chances are pretty high that your spanking new notebook just played a part in saving the earth, as it is made out of recycled CDs and DVDs, thanks to the efforts of Fujitsu Group recycling centers that have managed to find a far more useful application for what […]


Fujitsu Stylistic M532 arrives at the FCC
The folks over at the FCC have a spanking new tablet to play around with, and it would be the Fujitsu Stylistic M532 in tow. Already appearing over at the FCC’s database, the Fujitsu Stylistic M532 is a 10.1-inch Android tablet that has all the relevant hardware specifications required for a Wi-Fi only tablet, supporting wireless a/b/g/n protocols, apart from Bluetooth connectivity, of course. It will run on Android 4.0 […]

Fujitsu rolls out docomo NEXT series REGZA T-02D phone
Fujitsu has just announced a spanking new NEXT series of the REGZA T02D smartphone which will make its way to NTT DoCoMo of Japan. You can be sure that it will be a pretty tough job finding an imported unit here in the US for many reasons, but let us take a look at the kind of technology which this particular smartphone packs underneath the hood. For starters, the REGZA […]

Fujitsu's RakuRaku smartphone is catered towards the elderly
Let’s face it, not all our parents or grandparents or elderly relatives are as tech savvy as we’d like them to be. This usually results in them having to squint while peering at touchscreen phones and end up pressing wrong buttons simply because they’re not used to it. Well the good news is that Fujitsu has a phone in the works dubbed the RakuRaku smartphone that is aimed at elderly […]

Fujitsu Stylistic Q552 is another Windows tablet
When it comes to the tablet market, the two main operating systems would be Android from Google and iOS from Apple. Microsoft’s Windows? Well, let us say that it has yet to make an impact, although the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet does seem to throw the race wide open yet again. However, in the mean time, we will just have to be placated with Windows 7 running on tablets. Case in […]

Fujitsu does tablet hybrids now
Yes, we do know that Fujitsu has introduced a build-it yourself PC service recently, and here we are with word that the Japanese company has unveiled another two more convertible tablet PCs to the masses, where they are known as the Stylistic Q702 and the Lifebook T902 with the latter being seen as above. These are not exactly mainstream consumer electronics devices, as they have been optimized for vertical markets […]

Fujitsu introduces build-it-yourself PC service
Although most big PC companies seem to be against the whole building your own custom computer idea, with the exception of allowing you to customize a couple of features that they have pre-selected, Fujitsu has decided to go against that notion with its new Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service.

Fujitsu & NICT develop indoor navigation for the blind
I recently read about how a young Helen Keller grasped the concept of a word for the first time when she felt water running through one of her hands, while her teacher helped her sign the word “water” with the other hand. What joy it must have been for young Helen that day! Well, the blind are able to read through Braille, but they do need some aid in getting […]

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i portable scanner
All right, I guess you can pretty much say that the portable scanner market is about as exciting as a pico projector, but there ought to be sufficient market interest to see companies like Fujitsu pursue the agenda with the latest addition being the ScanSnap S1300i portable scanner. If there is one mobile device that I would really love to have right now, it would be a portable scanner that […]

Fujitsu Esprimo desktops come with palm vein sensors
When it comes to the security of your desktop, what do you normally do when you leave your work space in order to go to the loo, spend an hour or so outside of the office with a client, or just head off to the pantry for a break? Most of us would end up pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys (on a Windows machine, that is) to lock the computer, where […]

Fujitsu Ten plays nice with Nintendo DS
Do you still play with your Nintendo DS, or is it rotting around somewhere, without getting any more gaming love after the PS Vita was released? Fujitsu Ten’s most recent release in the market, the 9” Car Navigation System that comes in two models – the AVN-ZX02i and AVN-Z02i, will soon hit Japan in July, where one of them will sport a rather decent 9” Wide VGA display alongside the […]