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Microsoft counting down the days until Windows XP dies
Microsoft seems to be in the habit of wanting to kill off their old products these days. Last month the Redmond giants started a countdown page for Internet Explorer 6 – showing the percentage of IE6 usage all around the world and letting the world know about their mission of reducing those numbers to zero.Now, Microsoft has just launched a new countdown – this time in the form of a […]

The “thinking cap” becomes literal
In the future when people say “let me put on my thinking cap”, they could really mean that they’re going to put on a thinking cap. Some researchers in Australia have managed to come up with such a device that stimulates a person’s brain – something that the Australian media have equated with getting hit by lightning. The thinking cap works by exposes its subject’s brain to 10-15 minutes of […]

Insectohopter flies and spies for the CIA
The CIA recently shed some light on the technology they’ve been using in the past, and this dragonfly robot you see is one of their creations – the Insectohopter. This technological wonder is actually the size of a real dragonfly and can fly around like one. It was designed to carry a miniature listening device for surveillance purposes but it never took off (mind the pun) due to the fact […]

Crazy device forces your kids to smile
Ever had problems with getting your kid to smile when visiting your relatives or out in public? Well it looks like the Japanese won’t be having such problems in the future. An inventor has come up with a device called the Electro Smile, and boy is it shocking. The device works by hooking onto your child’s face like a pair of sunglasses hanging downwards, and fits snuggly under the chin. […]


The Dog Dung Vacuum does the dirty work for you
Tired of having to clean up after your dog every time you take it out for a walk? Wish there was an easier way or that your dog didn’t have to take its business with it everywhere it went? Well, you can’t stop your doing from doing what it needs to do – sometimes when you gotta go, you just gotta go. So the next best thing you can do […]

USB Speaker disguised as a Canon DSLR
If you’re bored with the current pair of speakers you own, the folks over at Gadget4All are selling a portable speaker that looks just like a life-sized Canon DSLR camera. With built in SD card reader, USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack, you won’t have any trouble making sure the speaker has any music to play. It runs on either 4AA batteries or it can be juiced via a […]