Electro smile

Ever had problems with getting your kid to smile when visiting your relatives or out in public? Well it looks like the Japanese won’t be having such problems in the future. An inventor has come up with a device called the Electro Smile, and boy is it shocking. The device works by hooking onto your child’s face like a pair of sunglasses hanging downwards, and fits snuggly under the chin. The device then constantly sends electricity to your child’s cheeks, triggering the muscles in their face and forcing them to smile. With an adjustable current, you can be sure that the device is powerful enough to make even the most stubborn kids smile – though it does have a side effect of causing the kid’s head to twitch while the device isn’t being used. I’m pretty sure this device won’t see the light of day on our shores, but if it does would you subject your kids to such…torture?

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