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Tizen Custom ROM For Galaxy Gear Released
Last year Samsung jumped on the wearable device bandwagon by launching the Galaxy Gear. Initially this smartwatch was powered by a modified version of Android but a few months back Samsung released a Tizen update for it. The first Gear smartwatch now runs on Samsung’s homegrown OS but that doesn’t mean developers can’t tinker with it the way they would with Android. The first custom ROM for Galaxy Gear based on Tizen […]

Samsung Releases Tizen Update For Galaxy Gear In The U.S.
A few months back we heard that Samsung would soon release a Tizen update for its first smartwatch called Galaxy Gear. It carried the Galaxy branding because the smartwatch was powered by Android. However earlier this year Samsung unveiled its new crop of Tizen OS powered wearables, shifting altogether from Android. So an update for the Galaxy Gear was previewed back then. Today the Tizen OS update for Galaxy Gear […]

Steve Wozniak Not Particularly Taken By The Galaxy Gear
Steve Wozniak was one of the original co-founders of Apple, and despite him having a hand in starting up one of the more iconic tech companies in the past decade or so, he has been known to be brutally honest about what he likes and dislikes. He has expressed his love for various platforms in the past, like Android and Windows Phone, but if there is a recent tech gadget […]

Samsung Rolls Out Tizen Update For Galaxy Gear
Earlier this year at MWC 2014, Samsung introduced a handful of new wearables. The Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit. You might be wondering why the naming scheme is different from the Galaxy Gear? Well it is because it runs on Tizen, while the Galaxy moniker suggests that it runs on Android.Interestingly enough it seems that Samsung has decided to make the original Galaxy Gear into […]


Tizen Update For Galaxy Gear Previewed
Samsung launched its Android based Galaxy Gear smartwatch in September last year. Apparently that device didn’t do so well and rumors began circulating months later that the company would launch new smartwatches in a few months time. Sure enough at MWC 2014 in February, merely six months later, it launched Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. The major difference is that the new smartwatches run on Tizen instead of Android. Samsung’s […]

Gear Solo Is Samsung's 3G Capable Smartwatch [Rumor]
Samsung is serious about wearable gadgets. The company launched Galaxy Gear last year, and apparently when it didn’t perform too spectacularly, it followed up with two more smartwatches released merely six months after the first one. The new smartwatches shun Android for Tizen, and really are more improved and refined than their predecessor. Apparently Samsung still has another similar product up its sleeve that it may launch later this year. We […]

Galaxy Gear Price Drops Significantly In Canada
Soon after the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was released last year, reports of its dismal performance in the market started circulating. This lead many to believe that the company might launch its smartwatch’s successor earlier than intended. Alongside the Galaxy S5 last month Samsung did launch its new smartwatches, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Ahead of their release later this month, the original Samsung smartwatch has received a […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear Neo Smart Watches Launched at MWC
Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear smart watch back in September at IFA and today, the manufacturer is coming to MWC with its new Galaxy Gear 2 and a lighter version, the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. Both the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo are now running Samsung’s OS Tizen, instead of Android, and they are both one millimeter thinner than the original Gear. The 2.0 Megapixel camera is now […]

Multiple Galaxy Gear Models Expected At MWC 2014
It was back in September last year when Samsung launched its first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. Since then there have been many reports of dismal sales, which have apparently forced the company’s hand to launch a successor after just six months. Previously it was rumored that a new Galaxy Gear will be launched alongside Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona later this week. However, sources familiar […]

AT&T Galaxy Gear Price Gets A $100 Cut
Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch was one of the most highly anticipated wearable devices of 2013, but it didn’t quite make a mark. There have been reports of dismal sales, which is believed to be the reason why Samsung might launch a successor within just a few months of the original Galaxy Gear hitting the market. Samsung is actually expected to unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 at Mobile World Congress 2014 […]

Galaxy Gear 2 Rumored To Be Priced Lower Than iWatch
The Samsung Galaxy Gear does not come cheap, especially for a device that is in a relatively new market. At the same time it isn’t prohibitively expensive either, but with so many different smartwatches to choose from, perhaps Samsung could be looking at price as a differentiating factor for future Galaxy Gear devices. This is according to a new set of rumors which seems to suggest that Samsung could be […]

Galaxy S5 Launch 'Confirmed' For MWC 2014
There have been a lot of rumors about the Galaxy S5 launch, even though Samsung has already rolled out invitations for its Unpacked 5 event, which will be held on February 24, the day Mobile World Congress 2014 kicks off in Barcelona. Today the New York Times claims to have heard from its sources that Galaxy S5 is indeed going to be the device Samsung unveils at the event, and […]

Galaxy Gear Price Cut Possible
The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was unveiled alongside Galaxy Note 3 at IFA last year. This smartwatch was initially only compatible with a couple of Samsung mobile devices, but since then the company has expanded its support base, only to its own devices though, Galaxy Gear doesn’t play nice with devices from other Android manufacturers. The company is expected to announce a successor in the coming weeks, which is what […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Rumored To Be More Fashionable, Could Sport A Flexible Display
When the Samsung Galaxy Gear was announced last year, it was met with a lot of enthusiasm. After all not only was Samsung joining the wearable tech race, but many were also interested to see what Apple’s rival could have in store for them. While Samsung made a good effort with the Galaxy Gear, flaws such as limited device compatibility and poor battery life (about a day’s worth, last we […]

Developer Makes Galaxy Gear Work With Nexus 5
Samsung released its highly anticipated smartwatch last year. The Galaxy Gear was unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 3, at first the phablet was the only Samsung device compatible with the smartwatch. Over time, Samsung has added support to a plethora of its existing devices, though the fact remains that Galaxy Gear can only function with Samsung devices, at least officially though. A developer has found a way to make Galaxy […]

Fleksy Keyboard Makes Its Way Onto The Samsung Galaxy Gear
The Samsung Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s attempts at a wearable device in the form of a smartwatch. It might not be Samsung’s best efforts but it sure made the headlines, and for those who would rather not look silly trying to speak to your wrist, how does typing sound to you? The screen is admittedly too small for typing, but if you had a keyboard with great predictability, perhaps it […]

Samsung Might Be Teasing Galaxy Gear Successor On Twitter
Late last year we heard that Samsung had already started working on a Galaxy Gear successor after multiple rumors came in claiming that sales of the first Galaxy Gear were below expectations. While the company hasn’t denied that another smartwatch is on the cards for 2014, it hasn’t exactly said when we can expect a successor. The official Twitter account of Samsung Mobile UK seems to have teased a new wearable […]

Samsung Patent Hints At Galaxy Gear Type Device With Flexible Display
Samsung launched its much hyped smartwatch earlier this year, called the Galaxy Gear. It was marketed as a companion gadget for your Galaxy smartphone or phablet, and while it does serve that purpose, the smartwatch hasn’t exactly turned out to be a hit. The company is already rumored to be working on a successor that some believe might even be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 next month. A […]

New Galaxy Gear Ad Is Cringeworthy
Ads from companies that make our favorite products can often induce various emotions, just look at the tear jerker that Google ran for the Nexus 5, Apple’s recent holiday themed ad for its new iPhone was certainly along the same lines. Samsung has released a new ad for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch ahead of the holiday season and lets just be absolutely clear about the fact that it won’t make […]

Galaxy Gear Update Brings Ability To View Gmail, Facebook And Twitter Messages
When Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear smartwatch earlier this year, it had limited functionality and a limited number of apps. Since then the company has rolled out several major software updates for the smartwatch which have added new features. Only recently a major update was released which makes Galaxy Gear capable of displaying notifications from all apps installed on the user’s compatible smartphone. Today’s update brings the ability to view […]