Galaxy-gear-2-Neo-08Steve Wozniak was one of the original co-founders of Apple, and despite him having a hand in starting up one of the more iconic tech companies in the past decade or so, he has been known to be brutally honest about what he likes and dislikes. He has expressed his love for various platforms in the past, like Android and Windows Phone, but if there is a recent tech gadget that he just can’t get on board with, it would be the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Speaking with Xconomy, Wozniak revealed he did not enjoy the Galaxy Gear one bit and put it up for resale on eBay in a day and a half, going as far as calling the device “worthless”. “That was the only technology I bought to experiment with that I threw out after half a day, sold it on eBay because it was so worthless and did so little that was convenient. You had to hold it up to your ear and stuff.”

To be fair the first iteration of the Galaxy Gear was met with a lot of criticism. While it was a valiant effort on Samsung’s part, the lack of device compatibility and the fact that it had a battery that lasted only one day led to many to question its usefulness. Samsung has since released newer versions like the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit, all of which are now running on Tizen.

In fact the original Galaxy Gear has been updated to run on Tizen now, so we have to wonder which build of the Galaxy Gear did Wozniak try out. In the meantime what do you guys think? Are you in agreement with Wozniak’s sentiments regarding the original Galaxy Gear?

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