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CPSC Issues Second Official Recall For The Samsung Galaxy Note 7
With Samsung opting to kill off production of the Galaxy Note 7, this means that we no longer expect Samsung to manufacture the device, let alone sell it. While Samsung is asking customers to return the phones, it is hardly an official recall. However it seems that is no longer the case as the CPSC has officially announced the second recall for the Note 7.

Some Believe That Samsung Should Drop The ‘Note’ Brand
Leading up to the early launch of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has been very well-received. We even loved what we saw in the Note 7, although following reports of exploding batteries and with Samsung finally deciding to call it quits on the production of the handset, it seems that Samsung and the Note brand has taken quite a hit.

Samsung’s Note 7 Incident Could Cost The Company $17 Billion
As you guys have heard by now, Samsung has officially put an end to the production/sales of the Galaxy Note 7. This follows the recall of the phone after reports of its battery exploding, but it seems that even after the recall, replacement units were said to be experiencing issues as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Return Kit Features A Fire-Proof Box & Gloves
As you might have heard, after fighting the good fight, it seems like Samsung is calling it quits as far as the Galaxy Note 7 is concerned as they have announced that they will be ending production of the phone. The phone will also no longer be sold, and there will also no longer be replacement units given to those who still own the device.


AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Also Allowing Note 7 Replacements
Following the report that a replacement unit of the Galaxy Note 7 caught on fire on a Southwest plane, we learnt that Sprint was allowing Note 7 customers to exchange their handsets for any phone they wanted. It looks like Sprint is not alone in this as the other three major carriers have since followed suit.

Samsung Could Be Looking At A Second Round Of Note 7 Recalls
Samsung’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7 is said to have cost the company $1 billion, and that’s not taking into account the potential sales that have been lost, a hit on the company’s market value, as well as the tarnishing of their reputation that will be hard to build back up. The company was in the process of doing that when a replacement unit of the Note 7 caught […]

Sprint Letting Note 7 Owners Swap Their Devices For Any Phone
Just when you think that Samsung’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7 is all but settled, for some inexplicable reason there have been reports of users experiencing problems with the replacement units. The most recent case is when a replaced Note 7 caught on fire on board a Southwest plane, which obviously does not bode well for Samsung.

UK’s Royal Mail Apparently Refusing To Ship The Galaxy Note 7
For a moment there it looked as though Samsung was on top of things when it came to the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Customers were turning their phones in, sales are up, and it looks like things were slowly going back to normal, or at least until we started hearing reports that the replacement units are proving to be a headache as well.

Some Cruise Liners Are Banning The Replacement Note 7s
Samsung has been busy replacing defective Galaxy Note 7 handsets with new ones that supposedly won’t explode. Following the replacements, several airlines who had previously banned the phone have given the greenlight to allow the Note 7s to be used on board the planes again.

Replacement Note 7 Reportedly Catches On Fire On A Southwest Flight
The replacement units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are supposed to be safe. Or are they? We have heard reports that some owners of the replacement units are complaining that their devices are getting way too hot, and now according to the latest report, a replacement Note 7 unit has apparently caught on fire during a Southwest flight.

China Says Samsung’s Handling Of The Note 7 Recall Was ‘Arrogant’
As many of you guys have heard, Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7 around the world, save for China in which they reassured users that their handsets were fine. They later changed their tune when they recalled some handsets that were part of the faulty batch that were shipped to the country for demo purposes, but ultimately it was handled.

Samsung Investigating Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Handset Issues
According to Samsung, the replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets are safe for use, but if you might recall there have been several reports of users complaining about the phone getting very hot and being unable to hold its charge. At that time we thought this wasn’t so bad as it seemed that the exploding batteries have stopped.

Survey Finds 35% Of Consumers Opting For Galaxy Note 7 Refund
Say you are one of the customers who bought the Galaxy Note 7, only to find out that it has been hit with a spate of reports of the handset exploding due to its faulty battery, which is later followed by a global recall of the phone. Given the option of returning it in exchange for a new Note 7, or exchange it for the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, or a […]

Note 7 Sales In South Korea Delayed By 3 Days
About a week ago, we reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would resume sales in its home country of South Korea on the 28th of September. However according to a report from Reuters, it seems that this will be delayed by a few more days. Samsung has since pushed the date from the 28th of the 1st of October, meaning that sales will be delayed by 3 days.