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LG And Samsung To Launch Flexible Display Smartphones In September [Rumor]
Even though this is a rumor, it doesn’t seem entirely impossible. Both Korean giants already have experience producing smartphones with flexible displays. Last year LG released the G Flex and Samsung the Galaxy Round, though the latter was produced in a very limited quantity. One might wonder if both companies have plans to launch successors this year and if a rumor is to be believed, then they just might have something […]

Samsung Galaxy Round Review
In this Samsung Galaxy Round Review, we will tell you if a curved design adds significantly to the user experience or not. Since it is a new form-factor, imagining how it affects the real-world experience is not easy. We tried this one for you.

Samsung Galaxy Round Sales Reportedly Around 10,000
It was just last month that Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Round, a device which shared some specs of the Galaxy Note 3, with the main difference being its display which instead of being flat like most displays are, was curved instead, creating a rather unique design and feel to the device. Safe to say that was probably the first smartphone we’ve seen released to the market that sports a […]

Apple Reportedly Working On Two New iPhones With Curved Screens
Its still too early to say if curved displays are going to make it in the mainstream smartphone market. Both Samsung and LG have come out with their contenders, but it remains to be seen if the Galaxy Round or G Flex are ever launched globally. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple might want in on the curved bandwagon as well. Apparently Cupertino is working on two new […]


Samsung Galaxy Round Coming To The US For $1,130
Remember the Samsung Galaxy Round that was launched not too long ago? Well if you’re in the market for a unique looking handset, you might be interested to learn that the Samsung Galaxy Round will be making its way into the US after all. The handset was originally released in South Korea, home of Samsung, and there was no mention if it would make its way stateside. Given the prototype […]

Samsung Reportedly Gearing Up To Mass Produce Curved Batteries
It wasn’t too long ago that Samsung announced the Galaxy Round, making it the first smartphone with a curved display for 2013. The handset is based around the hardware specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, although the key difference would be its design (which is curved, obviously), and its battery size with is set at 2,800mAh versus the Galaxy Note 3’s 3,200mAh. We’re not sure what’s with the different […]

Samsung Galaxy Round Commercial Released
Earlier in October, Samsung took the wraps off a new device dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Round, which was essentially the Galaxy Note 3 albeit with a curved display, allowing for a rather unique design with some interesting possibilities in terms of features and use. While the device has yet to make its way to the masses outside of South Korea, Samsung has since released a commercial for the upcoming device […]

Samsung Galaxy Round Is Reportedly A Prototype Device In Limited Production
Over the past few weeks we heard rumors that a couple of new smartphones with flexible displays are going to be launched in the market soon. LG was rumored to be working on one, and so was Samsung. The latter was the first one to bring its device to the market, called Samsung Galaxy Round. As yet, Samsung hasn’t said when or if this device is going to be launched […]

Samsung Galaxy Round Releases In South Korea This Week
Over the past couple of weeks there was a lot of speculation about Samsung releasing a smartphone with a curved display. Earlier this week we saw a picture of said smartphone leak online, before the company officially announced it as the Samsung Galaxy Round. The company hasn’t said when this smartphone will make its way over to the U.S., we expected that it will first release it in its native South […]

Samsung SM-G910S Received Certification In South Korea
Yes, I guess it is true – the Samsung Galaxy Round which was already covered by us, has received its certification in South Korea earlier on in the form of the Samsung SM-G910S. Of course, we did also talk about the possibility of another model, the Samsung SM-G910 being talked up less than a week ago, where it was touted to be a possible Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible […]

Samsung Galaxy Round Launched + Official Specifications
Earlier today, we talked about a curved screen Samsung Galaxy smartphone leak [1]. Well, Samsung made its existence official [2], and here are the first images of the Round. They will give you an idea of what the product looks like and illustrates how Samsung intends to use the curved shape. The most important part of the official announcement is the specifications list. Here it is:

Samsung Galaxy Round With Flexible Display Rumored To Launch This Week
Over the last couple of weeks we’ve consistently heard that the market will soon be greeting smartphones with flexible displays. Both LG and Samsung are rumored to bring out their products first. If a latest rumor is to be believed, Samsung might actually beat LG to the market. Chatter coming in from Asia suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Round smartphone with a flexible display might be launched later this week.The […]