Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Spotted In The Netherlands With Full HD Display

I am quite sure that just about everyone in the Netherlands are still brimming with happiness over the fact that they mastered Spain by a four goal deficit in the World Cup group stage, and so, with this wave of euphoria sweeping across the nation, having something else that would let the happy mood continue is the right thing to do. Apparently, it is said that the yet unannounced and […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Certified By South Korea’s RRA

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is a device that we have heard rumored about in the past. The handset is supposedly a more premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and will sport a QHD display amongst other things. It would be an interesting move by Samsung as we’re sure many Galaxy S5 owners can’t be pleased about this.In any case if you’re wondering if the device truly exists, here […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Will Reportedly Offer Up To 225Mbps Download Speeds

Countless reports claim that Samsung is working on a premium variant of its 2014 flagship. Only recently pictures of the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime were leaked online showing off its metal build. It is said to set itself apart from the Galaxy S5 by offering better specifications and a metal body. A new report suggests that the smartphone might also be able to support ultra-fast downloads of up to 225Mbps.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Photos Surface

We have been hearing rumors that Samsung could be working on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, a more premium version of the Galaxy S5 handset that was released not too long ago. According to the rumors, the handset would feature beefier hardware, with some of its highlights including a QHD display and a body made from metal.In fact these were some of the rumored specs of the Galaxy S5 before […]


Galaxy S5 Prime Will Reportedly Be Just As Colorful As Its Sibling

Time and time again it has been rumored that Samsung is working on a premium variant of its flagship smartphone. Back in February it unveiled the Galaxy S5 which was released in April. The company has already confirmed that the latest flagship is off to a better start than its predecessor, selling 11 million units in under one month. That being said it looks like Samsung hasn’t dropped the premium […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906K) Spotted On Korean Website

Despite the rumors leading up to the Samsung Galaxy S5’s launch, it seems that there was no launch of a Galaxy device sporting a QHD display, although that will supposedly be changing soon with the launch of the upcoming Galaxy S5 Prime, or so the rumors claim. We have been hearing about the device for quite a while now and according to the latest rumors, it could see a release […]

Galaxy S5 Prime Release Rumored For June

We have already heard countless times that Samsung is working on a premium variant of the Galaxy S5. While the company hasn’t confirmed any of this the rumor mill seems to be certain that such a variant is definitely going to be released later this year, presumably to counter LG’s upcoming G3. A published report out of Korea claims just that today, pegging the Galaxy S5 Prime release in June.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Spotted On Samsung’s Website

Word on the street has it that Samsung is preparing a more premium version of the Galaxy S5 handset. This premium version will allegedly feature the QHD display that was rumored before its launch, but aside from the rumors we can’t tell if this is true. However the handset has been spotted in a shipping manifest in the past where it featured the model number SM-G906S/K/L.The model number does not […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Touted For June Rollout

It was a week ago that we brought you word of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime being spotted in a manifest, where this is supposedly a more upmarket version of the existing high flying flagship from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S5. South Korean newspaper AsiaToday has cited anonymous industry sources that Samsung is working to make the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime official this coming June.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Spotted In Manifest (Rumor)

When you roll out a successful device that comes jam packed with the latest and greatest hardware, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (as you can see above), does it make sense then to begin tweaking on this particular template so that a variant, or variants, will be released? The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime has been seen on a shipping manifest in India which is yet another rather strong hint […]