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Galaxy S7 Active Reportedly Enters Testing At AT&T
The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge were announced at Mobile World Congress last month and released a couple of weeks ago. Samsung’s new flagship appear to be doing well in the market so far and now there have been rumors of more variants in this lineup. We’ve already heard about the Galaxy S7 mini and now it appears that the Galaxy S7 Active has entered testing at AT&T.

Samsung Celebrates 50 Years Of Football With $200 Discount
Samsung’s high-end smartphones do not come cheap, and understandably so. The use of premium materials and the choice to go with high-end components certainly does not make the entire process cheap. However the good news is that until the 20th of January 2016, Samsung customers can get $200 off their smartphones.This recent promotion was announced by Samsung in celebration of 50 years of football. According to Samsung, “Get $200 off […]

Galaxy Note 5 With 4100mAh Battery Rumored For November
Many fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series aren’t happy with the fact that the new handset has a smaller battery that can’t even be removed, to be fair though the writing was on the wall when earlier this year Samsung’s new Galaxy S series handsets also ditched removable batteries. Samsung can make amends by offering a variant with a larger battery, rumor has it that a Galaxy Note 5 Active is […]

AT&T Announces The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (At Last)
After what seemed like forever, AT&T has finally announced the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. The announcement does not come by way of a press release, but rather the release of a video on YouTube which basically shows off the phone in all of its official glory, so unless this was by accident and the video gets taken down, we suppose you could look at it as an official unveiling of […]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Possibly Teased By AT&T
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has been teased for a while now. While not officially confirmed, it has made various appearances on Samsung’s website, user agent profiles, and has had its press renders leaked multiple times. Well the good news is that it looks like the wait for the official confirmation could soon be over.This is according to a tweet sent out by AT&T about a day ago. According to […]

Galaxy S6 Active Listed On Samsung's Website
It was first reported a couple of months back that Samsung could soon launch an “Active” variant of the Galaxy S6. This didn’t take us by surprise because the company has done the same with past flagships as well. Over time we started hearing more and more about the specifications of this handset, and then some press renders were leaked too. Now Samsung has listed the Galaxy S6 Active on its website […]

New Galaxy S6 Active Press Render Leaked
We have been hearing rumors that Samsung is planning a Galaxy S6 Active. Given that the company has released several Active phones in the past, we suppose this hardly comes as a surprise, but the question is when will Samsung launch it for real? Unfortunately that question is still pretty much up in the air at the moment, but new press renders of the handset have made their way online.Thanks […]

Galaxy S6 Active Press Renders Leaked
Rumor has it that Samsung is soon going to announce the Galaxy S6 Active, the rugged variant of its latest flagship handset. AT&T might be the first carrier in the world to launch this device if reports are to be believed. We have already heard much about the specifications of this device and today we get to see press renders of the Galaxy S6 Active. They show off the rugged […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Spotted At The FCC
Just yesterday we reported that according to a leaked image, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was finally revealed and based on its design which shows off its ruggedness, it certainly looks pretty believable. Now for those looking to get their hands on the device, you will be happy to learn that the handset has been spotted at the FCC.What does this mean? Basically it means that the phone is being […]

Alleged Photo Of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Leaked
We have been hearing rumors that Samsung is planning a more rugged version of its flagship Galaxy S6 handset in the form of the Galaxy S6 Active, and now thanks to the folks at GSMArena, they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be a leaked photo of the upcoming handset.Now based on what we can tell, it certainly looks like the phone is built to withstand […]

AT&T Inventory List Gives Away The Galaxy S6 Active
Samsung is known for launching multiple variants of its flagship smartphones which is why it won’t surprise anyone if the company launches a variant of the Galaxy S6, which itself is due for release on April 10th. There have been countless rumors about the Galaxy S6 Active and about the carrier it will first be provided to. AT&T is believed to get it first and the carrier’s inventory list has […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Might Not Come With Fingerprint/Heart Rate Sensor
We’re sure some users were a little disappointed when the Samsung Galaxy S6 was announced without any protective features such as water and dust resistance. However there are rumors that Samsung could be bringing those features to the Galaxy S6 Active instead. Interestingly enough a new rumor has surfaced that despite the handset being billed as an “Active”, it might forgo the use of a heart rate sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Specifications Leaked
Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, are not waterproof even though this is a feature that the predecessor had. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the new devices are fashioned out of metal and glass, not plastic, which has long been the material of choice for Samsung flagships. There have been rumors recently about Samsung working on an “Active” variant of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Could Feature 5.5-Inch Screen
It was just yesterday that we brought you rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, a smartphone that does make plenty of sense to be released, especially since a precedent for that has been set in the previous generation with the tougher, more rugged Samsung Galaxy S5 Active keeping the vanilla Galaxy S5 company on store shelves. Well, the latest round of rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active would […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Rumored For Launch Later This Year
Based on the materials used by the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, it is safe to say that Samsung has decided to forgo water and dust resistance in favor of a more luxurious-looking smartphone. Was that a smart decision? The reported 20 million pre-orders certainly seems to suggest that it was, but what if you wanted water and dust resistance?Well the good news is that you could be […]