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Samsung Galaxy View 2 Officially Announced
Last year it was reported that Samsung could be working on a successor to its massive Galaxy View tablet. It turns out the rumors were true because Samsung has since officially unveiled the Galaxy View 2 where it will be available for purchase through AT&T.

New 17.5-inch Samsung Galaxy View 2 Tablet Could Be In Development
Tablets were generally seen as being portable devices that served as a happy middle between a computer and a smartphone, where it would feature the mobility of a smartphone, but pack the display of a small laptop so that browsing websites and watching videos would be a more enjoyable experience.

Samsung Galaxy View Now Available On Verizon
Last October, Samsung launched their massive 18.4-inch tablet in the form of the Samsung Galaxy View. Like we said, it was launched in October meaning that it has been on the market for quite a while now, but the good news is that if for whatever reason you prefer purchasing your mobile devices through carriers, you will be interested to learn that the Galaxy View is now available on Verizon.

Samsung's Massive Android Tablet Gets Another Price Cut
Last year Samsung released a truly unique product. It’s an Android Lollipop-powered tablet that has a massive 18.4 inch display. Samsung doesn’t actually call the Galaxy View a tablet, it says the product is a “moveable display,” but it doesn’t seem to be moving many units since the device has received another price cut.


Samsung Release S Console Gamepad For The Galaxy View
It wasn’t too long ago that the Samsung Galaxy View was announced. For those unfamiliar with the tablet, this is basically Samsung’s largest tablet to date with a massive 18.4-inch display. Safe to say that conventional use of this tablet is out of the window, which also means that new ways of controlling it might be needed.So much so that Samsung has officially launched a companion app of sorts in […]

Samsung Galaxy View Tablet Gets $100 Price Cut In The US
The Samsung Galaxy View went on sale in the US earlier this month where it was priced at $600 for the WiFi model. It was later announced that the tablet would also be available via AT&T where the cellular model would be priced at $500 if you were to sign a contract with the carrier, or $600 if you’d rather not be tied down.This seemed a bit unfair since cellular […]

Galaxy View Arrives On AT&T Later This Week
It was only a few months ago when it was first reported that Samsung had a truly massive 18.4 inch tablet in the works which was later confirmed as the Galaxy View. Samsung launched this tablet in the United States only recently and while it has been available for purchase, AT&T has now confirmed that it’s going to be the first wireless carrier in the country to sell the Galaxy […]

Samsung Galaxy View Tablet Goes On Sale In The U.S.
It was first reported a couple of months back that Samsung was building a new tablet with a massive 18.4 inch display. Sure enough the company soon confirmed that this tablet would arrive in the near future. Last week pricing and release date of the Galaxy View were confirmed and now this tablet is available for purchase in the United States via Samsung and multiple retailers.

Samsung Galaxy View Pricing And Release Date Confirmed
Earlier this year Samsung teased that it will launch a truly massive tablet called the Galaxy View, just yesterday the company officially unveiled the device, and confirmed much of its specifications. The tablet is purely meant for those who want a portable TV of sorts, it has a giant 18.4 inch display and a user interface that puts content services front and center. Samsung has now confirmed the pricing and release date […]

Samsung's Massive 18.4 Inch Tablet Is Now Official
A couple of months back Samsung revealed that it was developing a new tablet called the Galaxy View, this tablet is rather unique and it’s the first of its kind that Samsung has ever made. Galaxy View has a truly massive 18.4 inch display and the company is aiming it at people who just want a tablet to watch content stored on the device itself or through streaming services. After weeks […]

Samsung's Massive 18.4 Inch Tablet Leaks Again
Samsung has been making big tablets for a while now, the company has released multiple tablets with displays over 12 inches, and even Microsoft beat Apple to it. The fruit company only announced the iPad Pro a few weeks back and is going to release it in the near future. Not to be outdone, Samsung has created a truly massive 18.4 inch tablet a seemingly official render of which has […]

New Samsung Galaxy View Images And Details Leaked
The Samsung Galaxy View is an upcoming tablet by the South Korean tech giant. What makes the tablet particularly interesting is that a couple of years ago, there was a rush to create small and portable tablets with displays ranging from 7-8 inches, but fast forward to today and we’re looking at much bigger displays.This is why the Galaxy View is so interesting because it is a tablet that is […]

Samsung Galaxy View Leaked
Samsung is certainly not a conglomerate that one should fool around with – after all, they do have their fingers dipped in a myriad of businesses, especially in the consumer electronics industry. In terms of their tablets, they have had their fair share of hits in the past, although none of them were as wildly popular as the iPad family from Apple. Still, Samsung does offer some very decent alternatives […]

AT&T May Carry Samsung's 18.4 Inch Tablet
It was first reported about a couple of months back that Samsung has a new tablet in the pipeline that’s unlike any other it has released up till now, it was said to be a giant 18.4 inch tablet powered by Android. Samsung later confirmed this tablet as the Galaxy View and it’s expected to launch it in the coming weeks. A FCC filing reveals the possibility that AT&T might […]