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SteelSeries Stratus XL iOS Controller Announced
When it comes to games, some of the titles that have achieved success in the past would certainly have a sequel (or two) penned in, while certain franchises have a new edition every single year, especially sports games. Having said that, do hardware need sequels too? SteelSeries thinks so, having announced the follow up with the Stratus, calling it the Stratus XL.

Samsung GamePad To Be Bundled With Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
A few days ago, Samsung announced their new GamePad for mobile devices. We had originally seen the device earlier this year as a prototype, and thankfully the final product resembled nothing like what we saw initially. In any case perhaps in a bid to make the GamePad more attractive to consumers, Samsung will be launching the GamePad as part of a “Game Edition” bundle that will feature the GamePad and […]

Razer Kazuyo iPhone Gamepad Leaked
Ever since Apple announced they’ll begin supporting external gamepads for the iPhone and iPod touch, several accessory manufacturers have been scrambling to come up with something iOS gamers would want to use instead of on-screen virtual controls. Logitech has teased their “made for iPhone” game controller a few months ago, but according to a leaked image, Razer is set to introduce its own iPhone gamepad sometime soon. 

Archos GamePad 2 Set To Debut Soon
Archos, the French manufacturer of consumer electronic devices (mainly in the mobile arena), has been hard at work to deliver a second-generation GamePad tablet that will continue from where the 7” gaming tablet left off sometime late last year. This new tablet will be known as the Archos GamePad 2, where it has already made its way past the FCC, and apparently the Archos GamePad 2 has appeared as a […]


ibenX GamePad Is An Android-Powered Tablet
The tablet is now working its way up the gadget food chain when it comes to being a vehicle of choice for portable gaming, although until now, you will not be able to find games that are as complex as those found on dedicated portable handheld consoles like the PS Vita or the Nintendo 3DS. The thing is, casual gaming is big business, which explains how nearly every table you […]

Archos GamePad Now Available In U.S. For $179
We heard about Archos’ Android Jelly Bean-powered GamePad coming to the U.S. in February for $169, but as you could probably tell, it didn’t make its official debut last month. We’re not sure what exactly caused its delay to come to the U.S., but the Archos GamePad has just made itself available in the U.S. starting today.The Archos GamePad will come with Android 4.1, a 7-inch display capable of a […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Hands-On Review
We’re still slowly trying to wrap our heads around last night’s Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal as there was just an insane amount of information dumped onto the public all at once. But Samsung did not only unveil the Galaxy S4 as they also showed off a number of accessories that will work with their newly announced smartphone, as well as some other Galaxy S devices.

Samsung Prototype Wireless Game Pad
Sure, most folks had their browsers pointed to sites that talked about the Samsung Galaxy S4 late yesterday evening and early this morning, but this does not mean that there was nothing else interesting that the South Korean consumer electronics giant has up their sleeves at the Samsung Unpacked event. What you see above is a video game controller that has obviously ditched its wired connection to usher gamers into […]

Archos GamePad Bound For US This February For $169
The Archos GamePad which was made available in Europe at the beginning of last month, remains an elusive device for the US market as the French company has not mentioned a wee bit about it. Until now, that is, where a rough time frame for the US release of the Archos GamePad has been set at sometime in February 2013, and you will need to pony up $169 if you […]

Nintendo Wii U GamePad Prototype Once An LCD With Wii Remotes Attached
The core experience of the Wii U has got to be in its GamePad which essentially serves as an additional screen that can be used a multitude of ways when playing games or using certain applications like its upcoming TVii application. But as with most products, the Wii U’s GamePad had very humble beginnings which was highlighted in a recent “Iwata Asks” interview whose topic of discussion was the creation of […]

Archos GamePad Now Available
The Archos GamePad, touted to be the first (and true, whatever that meant in the press release) Android-powered games console that is portable, will merge powerful tablet hardware alongside revolutionary gaming software. The big question is this – will it be able to go up against the likes of the Nintendo 3DS when it comes to the portable gaming market, let alone make a dent in the number of Sony […]

Archos GamePad gaming tablet released
Archos has just announced their first gaming tablet known as the Archos GamePad, where it will merge physical gaming controls for that old school touch alongside a full Android-powered tablet, delivering an experience that Archos hopes you have never enjoyed before. Despite its name, the GamePad is not just all about play, as it will also be a viable light working device alternative as you can access email, the Internet, […]

DRONE: an open source Bluetooth controller for smartphones and tablets
While using a touchscreen to game isn’t a problem for most people, there are still gamers out there who can’t stand the thought of playing games without an actual gamepad. Well, unfortunately there aren’t a lot of options out there for such purposes. This is where The Evolution Team’s DRONE comes in. Called an open source Bluetooth controller, it is a gamepad designed to work with your smartphones and tablets.

BlackBerry smartphone used as PlayBook gamepad
If you thought that BlackBerry devices were all work and no play, think again. You know how you can use your BlackBerry phone as a remote control for presentations on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Well, a RIM engineer decided to take it one step further by writing an app that turns the smartphone into a gamepad for the tablet. It wasn’t mentioned if the app will ever make it to the […]