Articles about gaming hardware

Nintendo Wii Remote Plus on its way
Gaming giant Nintendo has announced that they are currently working on the Wii Remote Plus which will merge a Wii Remote with its Wii MotionPlus gyro add-on into a single peripheral. That’s pretty convenient for newcomers to the scene, since they will not need to do any more reading to find out just what they’re supposed to get in order to enjoy a full Wii gaming experience. In fact, they […]

Konami unveils 3D Road Fighters
For those of you who want to enjoy stereoscopic 3D gaming after watching numerous 3D films over the course of this year and yet cannot afford a PS3 to do so, how about taking a trip down to the local arcades instead? This is applicable only if you live in Japan, where gaming giant Konami has released a 3D version of their Road Fighters games, letting you choose from a […]

TRON Legacy Wiimote goes through FCC's door
The TRON Legacy movie can be said to be a blockbuster as part of a foregone conclusion, although it remains to be seen whether the 2D version would be as stunning as the way it is meant to be viewed – and by that, we mean via stereoscopic 3D. Well, the movie is still on track for a December 17th release, and Disney aims to wring more money out of […]

PlayStation Move arrives Stateside, aims to redefine gaming
Funny how the world works. Remember when Nintendo unveiled the Wii, only to have Sony executives laugh at its ‘waggly controls’? Well, how the tables have turned, and Sony will now jump aboard the motion sensitive bandwagon with their PlayStation Move motion control system. Of course, this will be different than the Wiimote, as it relies on the PlayStation Eye cam as well as internal motion sensors to detect all […]


Logitech revamps PC gamepad range with three more models
Logitech knows just how important ergonomics are to a gamer when it comes to hardware, and have just revealed three more gamepads for the masses – we’re talking about the Logitech Gamepad F310, the Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510 and the Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710. First off, the Logitech Gamepad F310 will come in a familiar and comfortable control layout alongside a special floating D-pad design that delivers exceptional accuracy in […]

PS3 Slim now comes in white with 320GB hard drive
The Sony PS3 Slim has just gotten a new color, and where else but Japan will it be launched first. Of course, apart from the virginal color, Japan will no longer offer 120GB and 250GB hard drives in their PS3s, as the minimum spec now stands at 160GB, while the larger capacity version would be 320GB. These new models will arrive in the Land of the Rising Sun from July […]

World of Warcraft Tap Chat pedal peripheral
Despite being years in the market already, World of Warcraft (WoW) is still pretty hot commodity – at least we think so until StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty hits the market later this year. This one-button pedal will target WoW players as it helps them perform macro actions using nothing but their feet, letting you grind your way through a particular level while freeing up both hands for other uses […]

New Xbox 360 ready to hit the markets this fall
The recently introduced Xbox 360 is slated to hit the markets later this fall for a dollar under $200, where there is also confirmation that Kinect will be a standalone device, although you can also get it as a bundle with the new Xbox 360. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to release pricing details on the bundle, but rest assured that as the fall release date draws near, more information will […]

PlayStation Move controller alternative
Yes, just in case you were wondering, there is an alternative apart from forking out $30 for a PlayStation Move Navigation Controller. Don’t be surprised though at the answer – we’re talking about the regular DualShock controller which is something most folks who own a PS3 already have. After all, Anton Mikhailov did confirm at the PS Move announcement that the two controllers are interchangeable. Granted that this experience will […]

Gigabyte Aivia M8000X gaming mouse
Gigabyte has a heart for gamers, especially those who are serious about it enough to think about going pro, by rolling out the M8000X gaming mouse at Computex 2010 in Taiwan. Also known as the Aivia, the M8000X comes with a whopping 6,000 dpi pro-laser engine that is capable of handling high-speed movement and achieve accurate precision without missing a beat. Alongside that, you get an integrated GHOST Engine memory […]

Dingoo A330 Mini Game King
The Dingoo A330 Mini Game King is a new third party handheld console that measures roughly the size of a Game Boy Micro, where you are able to play a range of emulated ROMs as well as a host of other multimedia files. Just in case you are not happy with its 2.3″ LCD display at 320 x 240 resolution, you will be able to watch it on a larger […]

Maingear eX-L 15 gaming notebook gets updated
They say that time changes things, and when it comes to consumer electronics, the change of existing devices often refers to the word “outdated”, but Maingear did not remain stagnant with their eX-L 15 gaming notebook which was released in August last year, updating it with a choice of Core i5 or i7 processors, accompanied by an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics chipset, an LED-backlit 1,920 x 1,080 resolution display, […]