PlayStation Move arrives Stateside, aims to redefine gaming

Funny how the world works. Remember when Nintendo unveiled the Wii, only to have Sony executives laugh at its ‘waggly controls’? Well, how the tables have turned, and Sony will now jump aboard the motion sensitive bandwagon with their PlayStation Move motion control system. Of course, this will be different than the Wiimote, as it relies on the PlayStation Eye cam as well as internal motion sensors to detect all your movement, angle and position within a 3D space. Nearly 30 titles that deliver PlayStation Move functionality have been announced, so you do not have to wait for new titles to take advantage of it as the Move hits the US this September 19th. If you already are a proud owner of the PS3, the PlayStation Move Bundle will retail for $99.99, where it includes a PlayStation Eye, one PlayStation Move motion controller, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray disc and a PlayStation Move game demo disc. For non-PS3 owners, the PS3 Sports Champions Move Bundle is going for $399.99 alongside a 320GB PS3 console. Who’slaughing now? Just in case you don’t know it, those who have placed a pre-order will be able to pick it up from today onwards, and you can also purchase it off Amazon. [Press Release]

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