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LG 2020 OLED TVs + G-Sync = Living Room Gaming Nirvana
Back in September, LG started to roll out support for NVIDIA’s G-Sync on select OLED televisions. But at CES 2020, LG not only extended that support for additional televisions, but also made it work at a maximum of 240Hz, welcome to living-room gaming nirvana.

Samsung Unveiled Its New Ultra-Wide Odyssey Gaming Monitor Line-up At CES 2020
Samsung is known for its curved or ultra-wide monitors fit for gaming. A while back, they offered several budget curved monitors for gaming as well.But, now, with CES 2020, Samsung revealed a new Odyssey gaming monitor line up.The line up includes two different models – both offering a 240 Hz display.The curved QLED monitors are G9 and G7 respectively. With G9, you will get a 49-inch curved ultra-wide monitor and […]

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor Unveiled Ahead Of CES 2020
Alienware already offered high-end 27-inch and 25-inch gaming monitors for the best possible experience. However, right before the CES 2020, it revealed an overhaul of the existing Alienware 25 gaming monitor.

Omen X Emperium 65 With Soundbar: A Dream Gaming Monitor
HP has been pushing for large Gaming Monitors for some time, and we admit that it got our interest before, but the new Omen x 65 Emporium with Soundbar reaches a new level.


Dell Launches Two Gaming Monitors at Gamescom
Dell just announced two gaming monitors with the Dell S2419HGF and Dell S2719DGF at Gamescom. Both are compatible with AMD’s FreeSync tear-free graphics technology (required a compatible AMD GPU) and have a 1ms response time.

Samsung's New QLED Gaming Monitor Is Massive
Samsung has unveiled a new gaming monitor at Gamescom 2017 and it’s absolutely massive. The Samsung CHG90 QLED has actually been described by the company as the world’s largest gaming monitor that provides an IMAX-style cinematic viewing experience. It has been unveiled at Gamescom which is one of the largest gatherings of the gaming industry. The event is taking place in Cologne, Germany.

LG Launches New 34 Inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
There is no shortage of gaming monitors in the market today. We’ve seen a couple of new models being announced this week on the sidelines of the E3 2017 gaming convention in Los Angeles. Companies like Samsung have come out with gaming monitors that look absolutely bonkers but are interesting enough to capture your fancy. LG is out with one of its own, the company has launched a new 34 […]

Samsung CHG90: A Monster 49-inch Gaming Monitor
Ahead of E3, Samsung has announced several wide-screen monitors, and the most interesting one is the Samsung CHG90. At 49-inch wide, this monitor is the largest curved (1800R) gaming PC monitor out there (TVs aside). It spans almost across a normal desk and looks more than impressive, even to jaded tech journalists.

Acer Predator Z35P Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor Launched
Acer has a new product out in the market for serious PC gamers. Many of them tend to prefer ultrawide curved monitors for gaming, and with good reason. Acer launched its first curved gaming monitor back in 2015 and today it has launched a new one. The Acer Predator Z35P is an updated version of the Z35 monitor and it offers better resolution than the original model.

OMEN X 35-Inch Curved Display by HP Review: Hands-On
There is an arms race going on for the “best-in-class” gaming hardware, and HP is going full force at it. The OMEN X 35-inch Curved Display is the latest addition of HP’s gaming product line OMEN X, a nice and powerful complement to its OMEN X gaming desktop PC unveiled this summer.

NVIDIA G-Sync: Maximum Framerates, No Tears
NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has introduced G-Sync to the world. It is a technology that enables higher framerates without causing the usual “tears” visible on the screen. In short: you can now use the maximum framerate of your monitor (I’ve seen some go as high as 144Hz/FPS) while still getting a tear-free image.Let’s shed some context: before G-Sync, it was often assumed by the OS/API/Driver that monitors had a fixed […]