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Blackberry Gaming Platform Advantages, In Select Markets
Ever since the Blackberry Playbook tablet came out with the QNX-based operating system (OS), Blackberry had a software platform that was genuinely gaming capable. That was clearly not the case of previous Blackberry OSes that were all about “security and enterprise” features — at the expense of app performance. With Blackberry 10, a fresh page has been turned and it is also a new opportunity for developers, under certain conditions…

Intel PixelSync Contributes To computer Graphics History
At GDC 2013, Intel has revealed some details of its 4th Gen Core Processors, including details about their upcoming graphics processors features (all Intel Core processor comes with a graphics processor or integrated GPU inside). Not surprisingly, DirectX 11.1 is supported, but what was not expected was that Intel actually extended upon the DX11 specifications to include two new features: Instant Access and PixelSync. Instant Access provides a more straightforward, […]

Unity 4 Game Engine Becomes 'Massively Multi-Platform'
Unity 4 has launched, and a lot of game developers worldwide are extremely enthusiastic about it. For end-users like you and I, it means that more games (and better games) will be available across all platforms, and for game developers, it means more features, better tools and a larger opportunity to leverage their work (make money) on new platforms. In you are not familiar with Unity, it’s a cross-platform game […]

Fourth Dimension Displays wants to take gaming to the next level
If there’s anything that we’ve learnt from all the video game-based hacks out there – games just aren’t immersive enough right now and people are willing to resort to DIY contraptions to improve their gaming experiences. Well, one company known as Fourth Dimension Displays is determined to make such a change as well. The company has come up with a special headset featuring a high definition display in each lens, […]


Nintendo has glasses-free 3D Wii prototype
The case for 3D gaming isn’t really all that compelling to be honest, even until now, especially when you might be required to upgrade your regular flat screen TV to one that is able to support 3D. Of course, it also doesn’t rule out the fact that you will need to wear a pair of those dorky looking glasses – which is why glasses-free 3D might be just the thing […]

Sony to release developer tools for the PlayStation Move
It looks like Sony has plans to bring their PlayStation Move controller out of the gaming world. The manufacturer of the PlayStation 3 will be releasing Move.Me – a development kit that hobbyists can use to create software that can be used with the PlayStation Move. According to reports, Sony’s senior engineer of development support, John McCutchan, has said that they want the Move technology to be used in “fields […]

The Wii is capable of playing 3D games
At the Games Developer Conference (GDC 2011) this week, Nintendo showed off what their top-selling Wii console was capable of. Running a special version of Mario Kart Wii on the Wii, Nintendo’s Producer, Hideki Konno gave a demonstration showing that their 4 year old + console could be used to display 3D content on a glasses-free 3D TV. It sure looks like Nintendo is really pushing forward the 3D revolution, […]

Google offers GDC attendees free Nexus S, Motorola XOOM
Google offers more than free laptops after all at this years Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, as the company has also given guests who attended key sessions on Android game development a free Nexus S or a free Motorola XOOM – it really depends on whether one preferred to develop for the phone or tablet platform – never mind if some of the folks who received these were not […]

Google gives out laptop for GDC attendees
Google has been feeling generous yet again, and this time round, they have given out free laptops for Game Developers Conference attendees – at least to those who sat through Google’s sessions on Chrome. This is certainly a pleasant surprise, and who would have thought that the blue card attendees received might actually end up being exchanged for such a gift? Of course, these laptops were the Cr-48 (read our […]

Valve sets its sights on the television with Steam
Valve’s online gaming service and games store, Steam, will be paying a visit to your television sets soon. According to their official blog, Valve plans to release a version of Steam to bring interactive entertainment to your living rooms through your TV sets. This “big picture” mode for steam will offer controller support and navigation designed for television interaction. Other than that, no other details were revealed but at the […]

VirtuSphere On Demo At GDC
We’ve brought your attention to the VirtuSphere some time ago, but that was before it was ready to be shown to the general public. Now you can actually check out the VirtuSphere as it was demoed at the GDC (Game Developers Conference). In case you’re wondering what all this is about, the VirtuSphere is a virtual reality control device, which allows the user inside it to control his game character […]

PlayStation Move Hands-On
PlayStation owners, rejoice! Soon you will stop hearing “when are you getting a Wii?” from your friends and family. Sony has just announced the PlayStation Move at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Presented last year at E3 (in fanfare), it is now a real product that will be sold as a bundle (game+ EyeToy webcam + PS Move) for $100. If you add the secondary controller, and make […]

Hideo Kojima Keynote at GDC09: Solid Game Design
[GDC09] We were live blogging from the GDC09 keynote of Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear franchise. His keynote was inspiring and entertaining. To make a long story short, Kojima-san advocated a pragmatic approach that takes into account the cold, hard reality of limited hardware and resources and told us how he and his team have overcome sometimes seemingly impossible goals. Interestingly, he did simply change the goals […]

Vuzix Augmented Reality Kit Hands-On
[GDC09] Just as it was announced, we got our hands on the Vuzix Augmented Reality Kit. Our conclusion: it is still rough and requires higher resolution cameras in the future. Clearly the demo works and depending on your application, the current setup might be “good enough”, but for example the pistol demo lacked the resolution to align the sights as one would expect. Vuzix Augmented Reality Kit uses a camera that can “see” […]