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Second Ghostbusters Movie Trailer Released
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you might have heard that a new Ghostbusters movie is coming out soon. It’s a reboot of the cult classic but this time around it has an all-female lead. The first trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie was released a few weeks ago and if you liked what you saw, then you’re going to like the fact […]

Original Ghostbusters Movie Hits Theaters Again
Fans of the Ghostbusters franchise have a lot to look forward to this year and now there’s something else that they can be interested in. In honor of the 34th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters film that came out back in 1984, Fathom Films has added another event for fans to catch the movie in theaters. The movie will be screened in theaters across the country this June to celebrate […]

Ghostbusters Game For PS4 And Xbox One Arrives In July
Ghostbusters is arguably one of the most popular Hollywood franchises and it’s being rebooted now with an all female lead cast. The first trailer has already been released and it looks very promising indeed. That’s not all the Ghostbusters fans are getting this year. A Ghostbusters game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is also in the pipeline and will be released later this year in July.

New Ghostbusters Movie Trailer Finally Released
The Ghostbusters franchise has its very own special place in pop culture and nothing can really take its place, however, there has been something in the works since last year that fans have been very interested about. An all-female version of Ghostbusters is coming out soon and after releasing a couple of teasers about the movie, the official new Ghostbusters movie trailer has finally been released today.


Ghostbusters Teaser Trailer Has Us All Excited
There hasn’t been a new Ghostbusters movie for decades. The franchise has a special place in pop culture and reviving it with an all-female cast made all the sense in the world. That’s precisely what the studio has done. As we await the launch of the full trailer, a teaser trailer has now been released which just pumps up the hype machine even more for this movie.

Activision Reportedly Developing Ghostbusters Game
Ghostbusters will forever be a part of movie history, it’s one of those movies that continue to remain a part of pop culture, and many of you might have heard that there’s an all-female remake of this classic in the pipeline right now. According to a new report, Activision is actually working on a Ghostbusters game that will be released alongside the new movie.