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Google Now Incorporates Google Doodles
Have you checked out all of the possible love combination in today’s Google Doodle to commemorate Valentine’s Day as well as the life of George Ferris? My personal favorites were the ones where the bear went out with the octopus to a sushi bar, while the other would be the “Forever Alone” wolf, snacking on some popcorn on his couch while enjoying TV. Well, if you have been waiting for […]

Go And Google a Scary Movie for a Fun Easter Egg
Here’s something to do if you can’t get enough Halloween: go to Google, search for your favorite scary movie, and watch the bats fly. Not content with an interactive Google Doodle on the front page today, it has also thrown in a fun easter egg: if you search for a term that brings up the Google knowledge graph box, three bats will perch and fly away when your search results […]

Google Doodle Shows Off Star Trek With Cute Animations
The 46th anniversary of the original Star Trek series is tomorrow. In commemoration for the occasion, Google has splashed a Star Trek doodle across its home page. The doodle is colorful and fun. Rather than being a mere image, it is an interactive animation.You start from six Star Trek characters, draped in Google’s own spelling alphabets, standing in a kind of control room. Once you click the door, you are […]

Google Doodle celebrates the 60th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem's first book
Google has been spending a lot of effort making awesome doodles recently, with its recent Les Paul Doodle coming to mind. Well it looks like the company has done it again, with today’s Google Doodle for its Polish website. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem’s first book, the company has put up a Doodle in the form of an HTML5 game which lets users control a man with […]


Google Pac-Man Doodle now available for download
So the 30th anniversary of the Google Pac-Man Doodle has come and gone, and while you might not be able to play it on Google’s home page anymore, it is available here as part of a permanent link on the Internet – at least for now. Here’s a hat tip – clicking “Insert Coin” will allow you to play the game, but if you insert a second coin, you will […]

Google Doodles Pac-Man to celebrate 30th anniversary
Pac-Man rolled out a good 30 years ago in Japan (the auspicious date was May 22, 1980), and by the time October rolled around, it had arrived in the US and became an instant quarter guzzler, ending up as America’s first blockbuster mainstream videogame. Research as detailed in the Davie-Brown index has shown that Pac-Man has the highest brand awareness (94%) of any video game character among American consumers, and […]