The 46th anniversary of the original Star Trek series is tomorrow. In commemoration for the occasion, Google has splashed a Star Trek doodle across its home page. The doodle is colorful and fun. Rather than being a mere image, it is an interactive animation.

You start from six Star Trek characters, draped in Google’s own spelling alphabets, standing in a kind of control room. Once you click the door, you are taken to another room where apparently, two of the characters are teleported to another planet.

Once there, some more adventures await these characters. So in a way, you take a ride around the galaxy as Star Trek characters. Interestingly, the actual anniversary of the Star Trek series is tomorrow but Google seems to be celebrating it ahead of time just to remind people of it.

We wouldn’t spoil the fun for you by divulging all the details of the doodle. Head straight to Google’s home page and indulge yourself before Google takes it off.

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