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'Search With Camera' Removed From Google Search App
It is being reported that the 'Search With Camera' feature has been removed quietly from the new Google Search app for Android. Google hasn't given an explanation for this as yet.

Google Goggles 1.8 offers improved continuous mode
Google has just made some modifications to their Google Goggles app, bumping up the software version number to 1.8 in the process which will naturally come with a slew of new features as well as improvements. This new version is said to be able to save recognized objects into your search history, in addition to being far faster where the barcode scanner is concerned. If you want to give the […]

Google Goggles 1.4 experience can be shared and personalized
Google Goggles has been one of the more interesting side projects from the Internet search giant, and since its launch, Goggles has seen revisions to have it perform faster and in a more accurate manner when returning search results for a wide range of images. Well, Google Goggles 1.4 brings that up by another notch where Android-powered devices are concerned, as you will be able to take advantage of an […]

Google Goggles does print ads, Sudoku
Google Goggles has certainly been one of the better mobile applications that was released by the Internet search giant over the past two years, being pretty proficient at what it is supposed to do – that is, identify the object that you point at it with your phone’s camera. Well, Google didn’t rest on their laurels, coming up with a couple of interesting features that might just have it leap […]


Google Sends Out Invites For September 8th Event
Google has sent out some pretty looking invites to members of the press, promising to show off Google’s latest technological innovation and giving us an inside look at the evolution of Google search. It wasn’t specifically mentioned what would be announced, but considering that it’s held at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), speculation is that it might be related to Google’s image-based search app, Goggles. Goggles is already […]

Google Goggles coming to iOS platform
Google will be introducing their Google Goggles application over to owners of iOS-operated devices, thanks to an announcement by Goggles’ project lead David Petrou who spoke at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University. This will happen before the year is over, and Petrou did drop some hints on the possibility of an open API for the image search application and potential opening of Goggles up to third-party applications. I […]

Nexus One Update Grants It Multi-touch And 3G Connectivity Fix
Not having multi-touch was a big issue when the Google Nexus One was launched, but thanks to the latest update, Nexus One users won’t have to take flak from others who poke fun at it due to the lack of multi-touch anymore. The latest update also includes a general fix, which should help improve the 3G connectivity issues that some folks have been experiencing lately. You should be receiving a […]