Google Goggles has been one of the more interesting side projects from the Internet search giant, and since its launch, Goggles has seen revisions to have it perform faster and in a more accurate manner when returning search results for a wide range of images. Well, Google Goggles 1.4 brings that up by another notch where Android-powered devices are concerned, as you will be able to take advantage of an enhanced search history experience, not to mention the ability to suggest better results to Google if the image cannot be accurately matched, alongside improved business card recognition. To know more about it in greater detail, read on after the jump.


The new search history experience will allow you to look for your Goggles results, all the while making personal notes on specific results as well as sharing your results with friends. Whenever you decide to add a personal note to a Goggles result, the note will make an appearance in your search history. For instance, if one is trying to learn more about wine, upon tasting something new, it becomes a snap to add a note to help one remember what one liked about the wine. This search history can be peered into later for words within the note so that one can locate that particular bottle of joy.

Making a personal note is easy peasy – just tap the pencil in the corner whenever you are viewing a search result, and you’re good to go. Have you updated your Google Goggles to version 1.4 yet? So far it does seem to be quite stable – any comments?

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