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Google Project Tango Tablet Launch Promised For Next Year
Back in February Google announced Project Tango. The program revolves around smartphones and tablets that incorporate incredible cameras to give them a “human-scale understanding of space and motion.” So basically the device would have the ability to learn its surroundings. We saw prototype-stage devices earlier this year but today some great news comes out of the second day of I/O 2014. Google has confirmed that the Project Tango tablet launch […]

LG G Watch: On Our Wrists @ Google I/O
At Google I/O, LG was finally ready to present and demonstrate its G Watch to the world. We’ve, met with the LG G Watch design team along with executives who flew in from Korea.The G Watch is designed to be a practical smart watch. It is water and dust-proof (IP67), button-less, obey voice commands, and responds to simple motion gestures. It is easy to recharge thanks to a magnetic dock […]

Google's Chrome OS Gets More Comfortable With Android
With the rather interesting Continuity features that Apple showed off during WWDC 2014, which make iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite powered devices play nice with each other, we expected Google to show us something along the same lines during its annual developers conference. And it did, even though its not entirely the same as Continuity, the new relationship between Chrome OS and Android works well for the entire ecosystem.

Razer's Android TV 'Micro-Console' Coming This Fall
At Google I/O 2014 today the Mountain View company unveiled Android TV. Its the successor to the ill-fated Google TV initiative. This time around the company has tried a different approach with its TV offering, bundling in its search features to put great content front and center. Moreover like other Android powered set-top boxes, Google’s new platform also supports Android gaming. Manufacturers will build their set-top boxes over this platform and […]


Google Fit Aims To Be Your Main Source Of Health Data
We had heard a few weeks back that Google would unveil its new fitness platform at the I/O 2014 conference. It didn’t let us down. Merely a short time after Apple unveiled a similar platform called Healthkit at WWDC 2014 the Mountain View company today announced Google Fit. Some of us use multiple applications to keep track of our health and fitness, be it an app that measures steps or […]

Android Auto Brings The Power Of Google To Your Car
Back in January Google gave us hints of its plans to bring Android to the car. It formed a global alliance with auto manufacturers called the Open Automotive Alliance. Since then there has been shortage of rumors about what Google’s solution will be and today it finally showed off what it has been working on. Introducing Android Auto, its very much the Android experience we have grown to love but redesigned completely […]

Android L Offers New Design, Expands Android’s Potential
[Google I/O 2014] Google has just announced Android L over at this year’s edition of Google I/O, where Android L is touted to boast of 5,000 new APIs, sporting a whole new look along the way that will hopefully make the Android operating system function on more than just smartphones and tablets, going to show how Google is serious about expanding their reach of Android across multiple other device categories.

Android One Announced
[Google I/O 2014] While those of us living in cities might think it to be rather strange that the rest of the world seems to be missing out on a smartphone, it is widely estimated that more than 80% of the rest of the world does not use a smartphone, and this is one thing that Google intends to rectify. For sure the prohibitively high price tags of medium range […]

Google Glass Gets Handful Of Glassware Just Before I/O 2014
We expect Google to talk about Google Glass tomorrow. If you don’t know what’s happening tomorrow, its the day the company’s annual developers conference takes place. Its been a busy week for Glass anyway. Just yesterday the wearable device was finally made available for sale in a country other than the U.S. Interested customers in the UK can now pick one up through the Play Store. Just before Google I/O […]

Google Unveils New Version Of Android Tomorrow [Report]
Google’s annual developer conference is going to kick off tomorrow in San Francisco. There have been countless rumors about what we can expect from Google I/O 2014. A new report published today reiterates something that we have heard multiple times in the past. The company is believed to unveil a new version of Android during the keynote. Google’s Android boss Sundar Pichai will be making the announcement when the time comes.

Google I/O 2014 Roundup: What To Expect
Google’s annual developers conference takes place next week. Google I/O 2014 will welcome developers from all around the world, it takes place in the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco from June 25-26. There have already been countless reports about what the company is going to unveil at the event. Its expected to show off a mix of hardware and software, so here we roundup all that we expect to […]

Google I/O Image Hints At Redesigned Android Status Bar
Based on what we’ve seen and heard so far, it seems that Google has been slowly introducing a host of changes to its Android UI over the past months, and more of that is expected to take place with future builds of Android and could debut as soon as Google I/O, which is kicking off next week for those who haven’t been following the news.That being said, one particular astute […]