android one[Google I/O 2014] While those of us living in cities might think it to be rather strange that the rest of the world seems to be missing out on a smartphone, it is widely estimated that more than 80% of the rest of the world does not use a smartphone, and this is one thing that Google intends to rectify. For sure the prohibitively high price tags of medium range and high end smartphones in underdeveloped countries have something to do with the lack of smartphone adoption, not to mention communications infrastructure issues. I think Google is cleverly combating both areas, first with the introduction of Android One as well as their efforts in bringing Internet connectivity to remote areas via Project Loon.

The Android One initiative would see hardware reference models being churned out so that other manufacturers who want to jump aboard the Android bandwagon will be able to have a decent place to start off with. In other words, rolling out quality smartphones without breaking the bank. Since all of these handsets under the Android One initiative would be running on stock Android, they are also guaranteed of automatic updates, although there is the freedom for individual manufacturers to introduce their own apps if they choose to do so.

The Android One program will kick off in the world’s second most populous country, India, before anywhere else. What you see below happens to be a Micromax manufactured model that will arrive with a 4.5″ screen, dual SIM capability, an SD memory card slot alongside a FM radio. Google claims that this smartphone will see a Benjamin exchange hands with some change returned to you. Both Karbonn Mobile and Spice Mobile are also tipped to develop Android One handsets in due time.

android one micromax 2

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