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Google Lens Can Now Pronounce The Words It Translates
Google Lens is an incredibly useful tool where thanks to text and object recognition, it allows users to search for an image simply by pointing their cameras at it. It also comes in handy when you need to translate something physical, like a menu written in a foreign language, or a physical document that’s written in another language.

Google Lens Picks Up Support For Japanese
Google Lens was introduced back in 2017. It can simply be described as a real-life reverse image search where users rely on their handset’s camera to identify objects in real life. Lens enables them to learn more about the things around them. It’s particularly useful for translating languages you don’t know and if like me you can’t read Japanese, you’re going to like the fact that Google Lens now has […]

Google Lens Is Capable Of Recognizing One Billion Items
Google Lens is the artificial intelligence-powered camera tool that can recognize the items that it can see. A preliminary version of this feature was launched last year on Photos and Google Assistant. At that point in time, it could only recognize around 250,000 items. The company has revealed today that Lens can now recognize more than one billion items. A redesigned Lens experienced was launched across iOS and Android just […]

Google App On iOS Updated With Google Lens Support
If image recognition features are something you are interested in, then you might be aware of Google Lens which has the ability to search for items based on what it looks like. Now the feature has been slowly making its way through various Google apps, such as Google Photos on iOS, but now it has managed to find its way to the main Google app.


Google Lens Testing Image Import Feature
With Google Lens, all users have to do is point their camera at an object and the app will be able to recognize what it’s looking at, and will also be able to pull up relevant information about the object. But what if you wanted to analyze an image that was already stored on your phone? Turns out Google is testing a feature to let you do that.

Google Lens Added To Pixel And Nexus Camera Apps
Google is making it easier to access its Google Lens visual search tool on its Pixel and Nexus smartphones. Users previously had to access Lens through Google Assistant but it’s going to be much easier now that Lens has been baked into the camera apps for the Pixel and Pixel 2 as well as certain Nexus and Android One smartphones.

Google Lens Lets You Copy & Paste Text
One of the features that Google is offering its Android users is access to Google Lens. For those unfamiliar, Google Lens is a feature that when you point it at something, it uses augmented reality to recognize the thing you’re pointing at and will then be able to identify it, such as clothing items, animals, plants, food, and more.

Google Lens Rolling Out To OnePlus Devices
Google Lens is a visual search tool that was initially available on Google’s Pixel smartphones only. The company announced at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona this February that it was going to release Lens to all Android phones. Some flagship handsets from the likes of Samsung have already received Google Lens and now, according to a new report, recent handsets from OnePlus are getting Google Lens as well.Powered […]

Google Lens Rolled Out To All Android Phones
Google announced at the Mobile World Congress 2018 last month that it would expand Google Lens to all Android phones in the near future. Lens is a visual search tool that was previously available only on Google’s Pixel smartphones. Google is now rolling out this feature to all Android smartphones that have Google Photos installed.Google Lens is powered by a computer vision system which lets users point their handset’s camera […]

Google Assistant Updated With Lens Support
Google Lens was announced by Google at its annual I/O developers conference back in May this year. It’s a new take on Google Goggles, a feature that has essentially been dead since 2014. Google Lens is capable of providing virtual contextual information about things that the handset’s camera sees. The company is now rolling out support for Google Lens to its artificial intelligence-powered Assistant.

Google Lens Uses Your Camera To Make Searches In Real-Life
When you hear a song that you don’t know, there’s a good chance you might launch apps such as Shazam or SoundHound to try and identify it. So what about objects? What if you saw a table or a pair of shoes you really liked but didn’t know where to buy it? Google Goggles was an option, but it seems that Google could be replacing it with Google Lens.