Google Lens is an incredibly useful tool where thanks to text and object recognition, it allows users to search for an image simply by pointing their cameras at it. It also comes in handy when you need to translate something physical, like a menu written in a foreign language, or a physical document that’s written in another language.

Now in an update to Google Lens, the company will be making the tool a bit more useful and perhaps even educational, where not only does it translate words you point at it, but it will also be able to pronounce the original text. So if you’re traveling overseas and want to know how to pronounce particular words to make yourself seem less of a tourist, these pronunciations could help with that.

However, that’s not all the update brings to the table. Lens will also be able to select words and users can tap on those words or phrases for an explanation about them, similar with how Google handles search results. Users will also be able to pseudo scan physical documents to their computers by scanning the text with lens and select “copy to computer”, and you’ll be able to paste it on a device that you’re signed into Chrome on.

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