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Google Play Music Now Natively Supports The iPad
If you use Google Play Music on iOS then the latest update is going to be of interest to you, particularly if you use the service on Apple’s tablet. Google has released a new update of this iOS application which now brings native support for the iPad. Basically what this means that Google Play Music will now look much, much better on the tablet since users will no longer have […]

Google Play Music Gets Songza's Best Feature
Earlier this year Google acquired Songza for an undisclosed sum. We knew it was only a matter of time before Songza’s features were integrated into a Google product and today we get to see what Google has done with it. An update has been released for the Google Play Music app for Android, iOS and the web and it includes the best feature that Songza offered.In case you’re wondering what […]

Google Celebrates Chromecast's Birthday With Free All Access Subscriptions
I can’t believe it has been one full year since Google unveiled Chromecast, its $35 HDMI streaming dongle. It was off to a great start in the U.S. with Google selling more units than it had originally anticipated. After a few months the dongle was finally sold outside of the company’s home turf and it performed well in other markets as well. Google is now celebrating the first Chromecast birthday […]

Google Play Music All Access Goes Live In Canada
Our friends across the border have something to be happy about today. After apps, games and books which were followed by movies and magazines, Google today opened up its music portal for Canadian users. As of today Google Play Music All Access is live in Canada giving users access to over 25 million songs across all their devices.


Finally Upload Songs To Google Play Music Through Browser
Google Play Music has been able to hold its ground despite the abundance of music services. However the existing Music Manager app for desktop left a lot to be desired, such as the ability to upload songs through a web browser. A new feature has been introduced in the “labs” section of Play Music. Through this users can upload music via a web browser by simply dragging and dropping tracks […]

Google Play Music For Android Delivers Offline Radio Caching
Ah, the Internet. It is a repository of knowledge and data, not to mention entertainment as our data pipes get ever fatter and fatter at a lowered price point. For those of you who have enjoyed Google Play Music’s radio stations immensely, but do not have the luxury of being within the vicinity of a decent Internet connection at all times, here is some good news for you. Apparently, the […]